Code by Kevin Phynchronicity v4.0 Mac OS X

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Code by Kevin Phynchronicity v4.0 Mac OS X

Code by Kevin Phynchronicity v4.0 Mac OS X | 12.3 MB

Phynchronicity is a GUI for the Fink Unix-software management system on Mac OS X. Fink is a powerful command-line tool for installing and updating thousands of Unix-based applications for the Mac. But Fink's sheer power and scale make it hard to use, even with a GUI. Phynchronicity aims to make Fink easy to use. With a simple three-pane interface, it lets you get started doing what you want to do–finding, installing, and removing software.

Why Phynchronicity?
  • Easy to use solution for managing Fink software packages and the Fink infrastructure.
  • Search and sort Fink packages by keyword, category, and more.
  • Export Fink logs to text and printed output.
  • Growl integration.
  • Fast: Phynchronicity doesn't bog down system resources.
  • Thorough user documentation via the "Help" menu.
  • Dispay detailed information about Fink packages.
  • "Fink still requires some command line chops, so Phynchronicity takes the Fink idea to the next level. It's an OS X GUI for installing Fink packages that's as simple as navigating through the categories and hitting the install button."–The Unofficial Apple Weblog