CooTek TouchPal v4.0 Pro XScale WM5 WM6

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CooTek TouchPal v4.0 Pro XScale WM5 WM6

CooTek TouchPal v4.0 Pro XScale WM5 WM6
Mobile App | 5.6mb | Rs,Hf

Cool and Easy! Up to 450 chars/min, faster than your hard keyboard! , 3 layouts with finger geature switching!, Resizing your keyboard anytime!, Simple and Smart!, Big buttons. Finger friendly.
Context-based mistyping correction and prediction, Word association. Input -ing/-ed/-s rapidly., Predict next word.


Mixed language input!

* Install more than one languages (ex. English + French), switch on "Mixed language input" option.
* Now, in French, you can type English word without switching language!

Predictive & Precise Input

* Tap the button directly to input with word prediction.
* Slide left/right to precisely input a specific letter.
* Slide down to input a punctuation.
* Press and hold a key to expand all the characters on that key, including the accented letters.

Flow" your keyboard!

* Slide left/right for a long enough distance will flow your keyboard among three different layouts: two-key, single-key, and 9-key.
* Turn pages by sliding left/right in the symbol view (the "<!>" tab) and the option view (the gear icon tab).
* Select more candidates by sliding left or right.

Mistyping Correction

* Don't worry about your typo! TouchPal will correct mistakes for you! In fact, you don't need to look at the keyboard when you're typing. Just "feel" the keyboard and type approximately with your two thumbs.
* Even each letter is incorrect, there's still much chance that TouchPal will guess it right. For example, you want to type "look" but unfortunately hit "niil"; you'll still get "look" as the first candidate.
* Single-key layout enables mistyping correction by default. To enable this feature in the two-key layout, select "enhanced mistyping correction" in the option view .


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