Cowon JetAudio v7.5.3.15 retail-FOSI

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Cowon JetAudio v7.5.3.15 retail-FOSI

Cowon JetAudio v7.5.3.15 retail-FOSI | Win App | 25.0 MB | RS.COM

Jetaudio is an integrated multimedia software. Not only does it play various music files but also has other major features such as music CD burning, recording of music files, conversion to other file mode, etc. In addition to these specialized features, you can create your own exclusive broadcasting system by connecting JetAudio to JetCast, which is provided to you along with JetAudio. This version not only cleared some limitations of jetAudio but also added new features. jetAudio has improved ID3 TAG, skin, MPC MOV and m3u playback to name a few and jetCast provides users with new options for Queue-up and Port-forwarding.

jetAudio 7 is a Windows application that can play a multitude of video an audio formats. There are several different versions of the program available. jetAudio basic is a free standard version of the player with some features disabled. jetAudio vX is included with some of Cowon's portable multimedia and digital audio players. The vX version of the program allows users to convert videos into a format that the portable media player will be able to play back. jetAudio plus vX comes with features such as mp3 and mp3pro encoding, a sound effects processor called BBE, some extra audio file manipulation applications, video conversion capabilities and more recording options.

What's New in jetAudio 7.5.3 (Jun 11, 2009)

- Fixed window border problem in Vista
- Fixed video conversion for COWON L3
- Fixed Pitch sound effect
- OSD was always on
- Fixed ID3 tag Comment field reading (to avoid conflict with iTunes)
- Fixed other minor bugs

Cowon JetAudio v7.5.3.15 retail-FOSI


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