DWPB Technologies Dynamic HTML News Scroller v2.3

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DWPB Technologies Dynamic HTML News Scroller v2.3

DWPB Technologies Dynamic HTML News Scroller v2.3
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Dynamic HTML News Scroller is a fully customizable vertical text scroller and text fader. Dynamic HTML News Scroller Builder application creates it for you in a few minutes. The look and feel of the news ticker can be configured with this tool. This easy-to-use tool guides you through the process.


- Easy building, testing and installation.
- Dhtml scroller ( javascript scroller ) or transition effects.
- Background image.
- Full customizable font characteristics.
- dhtml ticker ( javascript ticker ) solution.
- Highlighted URL links.
- HTML tags. (img, javascript, …)
- You can run multiple javascript scroller on the same page.
- All necessary javascript and HTML is automatically created for you.
- Plenty of variables to customize look of your javascript scroller.
- Padding and margins are fully configurable so it's easy to acheive the look you desire for your dhtml scroller.
- The dhtml scroller temendously save screen space so you can add more valuable content.
- The scrolling text builder gives you regular control over the content and behavior of your scrolling text, and allows for fast deployment of javascript scrolling text driven web pages.
- Dhtml scrolling text can be easily integrated in any web page.
- No special plugins and no programming knowledge required, with just javascript scrolling text builder you'll be able to create great looking and functional javascript scrolling text for your web site.

Dynamic HTML News Scroller is an extremely powerful and useful text scroller and news ticker solution for your web sites.

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