Saleen Web Downloader (x64)

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Saleen Web Downloader (x64)

Saleen Web Downloader (x64) | 102.44 Mb

WebDownloader operates as a normal web browser, allowing you to navigate to popular web sites and download pictures and videos. It also has a built in search function to automatically search specific web sites. It features video downloader with built-in frame generation, picture downloader, and built-in library for easy management of your videos and pictures. Supported sites or functions Flickr images downloader, Flickr videos downloader, Google images downloader, YouTube video downloader, FaceBook images downloader, Picasa Web images downloader, PhotoBucket images downloader, and WebShots images downloader.

▪ Video downloader with built-in frame generation
▪ Picture downloader
▪ Built-in library for easy management of your videos and pictures
▪ Supported sites/functions
- Flickr images downloader
- Flickr videos downloader
- YouTube video downloader

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Language: English

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