Disc Spring Solver 1.29

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Disc Spring Solver 1.29

Disc Spring Solver 1.29 | 13.27 Mb

Disc springs are used in many fields of the mechanical industry but, because of their geometry, it is very hard to make absolute predictions for their behaviour.

Disc Spring Solver intends to help the disc springs users to foresee the performance of the springs that they are using by giving them the possibility to make calculations using standard algorithms or new and more accurate algorithms and by offering options which are completely new compared to the other disc springs related softwares.

Disc Spring Solver can also suggest the best disc spring to meet the user's requests by combining more than 1000 different kinds of discs chosen in the included database.

Disc Spring Solver gives, for instance, first and, at today, only software of its field, the opportunity to create a spring stack with the desired design where the packets can be made with a different number of springs and to consider the friction (and some other factors) effect during the foreseeing of the stack behaviour.

Moreover, the very intuitive user interface of Disc Spring Solver has been thought to give to the user the opportunity to set every calculation option in the main window and not in quite hidden child windows. Look at the features page to know all the facilities included in Disc Spring Solver.


Possibility to create every kind of spring stack (including stacks where the packets have a different numbers of disc springs),
Possibility to choose between two kind of algorithms: the standard one and a new and more precise algorithm,
Load calculation for a given single spring or spring stack deflection,
Deflection calculation for a given load,
Spring rate and the spring work calculation including the chance of specify a work range,
Stress calculation for a spring under a given load or a given deflection,
Fatigue resistance calculation including the possibility to see the Goodmann diagram for the fatigue resistance,
Dimensions under an applied load calculation,
Evaluation of the friction effects on the spring performances,
Possibility to save your work in a .spr file,
Evaluation of the load application way (circular rings, etc..) on the spring performances,
Possibility to load a spring from a database (Microsoft database .mdb or Sqlite 3 database .s3db),
Possibility to load a list of material from a database (Microsoft database .mdb or Sqlite 3 database .s3db) or to use the internal database,
Plot designer for the spring characteristic curve,
Plot designer for the stress curves,
Plot designer for the single spring and the spring stack "Load vs Deflection" curve,
3D Visualizer for the single spring and for the spring stack,
3D Visualizer for the simulation of the spring behaviour under the applied load,
Report editor and generator including an html editor that makes the report fully customizable.

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