DxO Optics Pro

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DxO Optics Pro

DxO Optics Pro | 370 Mb

DxO Optics Pro is an award winning automatic image enhancement software for professional and enthusiastic amateur photographers, capable of handling JPEG as well as RAW files. World renowned for its unique automated optical correction features, it addresses the entire spectrum of image quality issues. Whether you want to let the software enhance hundreds of pictures automatically, or wish to manually define the settings for each image, DxO Optics Pro will meet your needs for outstanding image quality and productivity. DxO Optics Pro clearly leads the way when it comes to correcting the optical imperfections of cameras and lenses. Based on unique DxO Optics Correction Modules created through a meticulous, advanced analysis of each camera and lens combination in our labs, DxO Optics Pro automatically performs extremely sophisticated optical corrections on your images, either in JPEG or in RAW.

Lens distortion correction
DxO Optics Pro automatically corrects any type of lens distortion and takes capture settings into account. Images from « long » prime lenses to ultra-wide zoom lenses are all automatically processed. Even extreme and highly complex distortions (fisheye, for example) are corrected. Naturally, advanced control options are available when you need them.

Vignetting (or edge fall-off) correction
Vignetting - sometimes referred to as edge or corner fall-off - is at the core an optical phenomena which results in a loss of light or a darkening in the corners of the image. DxO Optics Pro is able to automatically correct this issue with a high degree of behind-the-scenes sophistication. Of course, the correction can be controlled or even switched off if the vignetting is part of the photographic intent.

Color fringing correction
Color fringes, technically known as chromatic aberrations, result in unwanted color edges on objects within the image. Some of the causes for these color fringes are optical such as lateral chromatic aberrations where the lens – like a prism – splits the light into different color components; others are more complex such as the typically digital « purple fringing » in high contrast areas of the image. DxO Optics Pro has the capability to automatically remove these defects.

Lens softness correction
Lenses tend to introduce a certain level of softness in images; it isusually more pronounced on the edges of the photo than on the center. DxO Optics Pro automatically improves the sharpness of images, based on the DxO Optics Corrections Modules containing all the performance data of your particular camera and lens. All relevant parameters are used to produce the best results (aperture, location in the image, ISO, etc…). With DxO Optics Pro, you'll start using your lenses in a different way and see sharpness in a new light.

Volume anamorphosis correction
This correction is better understood with a few pictures and with an analogy. We can think of volume (i.e. 3D) anamorphic distortion as the photographic equivalent of the problem that mapmakers have when trying to represent our 3D planet on a two dimensional sheet of paper. Mapmakers know that it is impossible to conserve all the properties of the earth's features (surface, distances, etc…) on a flat surface. Mapmakers choose the best trade-off for the objective they are trying to achieve. The same applies in photography – 3D objects (people, faces, or columns, for example) can appear distorted when projected on the camera's sensor.

DxO Optics Pro offers a unique solution to this problem. People at the edge of a group, architectural shots or crowd close-ups can be vastly improved with this unique feature. Simply choose the type of shape suffering from distortion (cylindrical such as people in a group shot or spherical such as heads in a news shot) and let DxO Optics Pro do the rest. The results are remarkable!

Keystoning/horizon correction
Unlike the corrections described above, the keystoning and horizon corrections are not based on DxO Optics Correction Modules and have to be manually set by the user. Keystoning correction is also referred to as vertical and horizontal linear perspective correction. With this feature of DxO Optics Pro, all of your lenses in effect become 'shift' lenses, greatly widening your photographic possibilities!
Horizon correction is an easy-to-use image rotation.

Main Features:
- Optics Corrections
- RAW conversion
- Exposure optimisation
- Color control
- Dust removal
- Easy-to-use workflow
- Working with Photoshop, Lightroom and Flickr