EnhanceMy8 1.3.1

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EnhanceMy8 1.3.1

EnhanceMy8 1.3.1 | 13.5 Mb

Windows 8 is fast and it is quite satisfying in the role of replacing Windows XP and Win7, but you can make it much faster and responsible with EnhanceMy8.

EnhanceMy8 includes any tweaks and tools you need to keep your Win8 in mint condition:
- Disk Cleaner - Automatically find and delete un-needed files and folders
- Defragmenter - Reduce the amount of fragmentation in file systems and registry
- System Info - Get maximum detailed information about your hardware and software
- System Tools - a collection of system tools that you didn't even heard about
- Security Tweaks - Easely configure the new security settings of Windows 8
- and much more!

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