The Foundry Modo 15.0v1 (Win / macOS / Linux)

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The Foundry Modo 15.0v1 (Win / macOS / Linux)

The Foundry Modo 15.0v1 (Win / macOS / Linux) | 1.2 GB

Modo’s powerful and flexible 3D modeling, animation, texturing and rendering toolset empowers artists to explore and develop ideas without jumping through technical hoops. Modo is your starting point for creative exploration. Modo 15.0 introduces new workflow paradigms that define the future of design and content-creation. With a reinvisioned MeshFusion, expansion of Rig Clay, refined form presets, powerful new modeling tools and mPath interactive, this first release of three in the 15 series establishes a foundation that will improve your every-day.

The Foundry Modo 15.0v1 (Win / macOS / Linux)

The industry’s fastest modeling toolset
With fast direct modeling, flexible procedural modeling, the award-winning MeshFusion Boolean toolset and built-in sculpting tools all working together, Modo’s modeling moxie is unmatched.

A sandbox for creative exploration
Free yourself from creativity-killing constraints, with Modo’s intuitive, artist-friendly toolset. From roughing out volumes to creating highly detailed forms, Modo lets you focus on creation, not construction.

Faster iterations
With its advanced photorealistic viewport and progressive renderer, and WYSIWYG look-dev for Unity and Unreal, Modo lets you visualize your designs as you develop them, so you can discover their ultimate potential in less time.

A custom fit for your workflow
Build your own kit of specialized tools by combining different operations, with Modo’s flexible tool assembly system. With Modo, every job you do becomes easier, as you continually develop new efficiencies.

Out-of-the-box value
Modo offers modeling, sculpting, texturing, painting and photorealistic rendering in one cohesive, easy-to-use content creation package, with unlimited network rendering capabilities included.

The perfect fit for your pipeline
Modo fits right into your pipeline, with Python and C++ APIs; a fully customizable UI; and support for industry-standard formats like OpenSubdiv, OpenColorIO, OpenEXR, OpenVDB and Alembic.



With the industry’s fastest modeling toolset Modo offers artists: fast direct modeling, flexible procedural modeling, the award-winning MeshFusion Boolean toolset and built-in sculpting tools all working together, Modo’s modeling moxie is unmatched.

Direct Modeling
Modo’s direct modeling toolset has long been renowned for its shared focus on workflow and technical innovation. The most common approach to modeling with the availability of many tools to manipulate the geometry directly in the 3D viewport. For example, you can add a cube, bevel it, move edges, duplicate polygons, deform, and so on, all by interacting directly with the geometry.

Procedural Modeling
Introduced in Modo 10, the procedural modeling tool sets have provided Modo with a system built for the future of modeling. The vast majority of direct modeling features are also made available as powerful procedural variants. With every product update procedural modeling continues to grow more powerful.

UV workflows
Take the drudgery out of tedious UV creation tasks, with a highly efficient built-in toolset that offers many automated options, supports UDIM workflows, and—unlike some other 3D content creation tools—integrates fully with modeling and selection workflows.

Bring your artistic expression to 3D modeling, as you use Modo's integrated brush-based sculpting tools to intuitively build shapes and add multiple levels of fine detail with speed.

Rendering & Shading
Offering 3 renderers and and a multitude of shading options, mPath and AMD ProRender enables artists to start creating high quality, photorealistic, and physically-based renders with ease. Or take advantage of our legacy renderer to stylize with flexible, artist-driven control.

Modo Render & mPath
Enjoy photorealistic rendering at amazing speeds and limitless resolutions—even network rendering is free. Modo's production-proven, physically-based renderer offers a rare blend of speed and quality.

Streamline your workflow with fast, flexible layer-based and nodal shading systems for building sophisticated, convincing materials with ease. Drag-and-drop presets let you quickly develop the look you want, or simply select from a huge library of highly realistic physically-based materials.

Review textures as you bake and watch them refine progressively. Modo also allows you to tweak settings and make surface changes without waiting for a final render, and it accurately bakes to Unity or Unreal standards with no extra tools required.

Animation & Rigging
Modo has one of the most novel Rigging and Animation systems on the market today. Featuring an Order of Operations deformation system and industry-proven animation workflows, Modo’s rigging and animation systems offer an easy way to get assets moving, fast.

Keyframe Animation
Remove the delays from the in-betweener in traditional 2D cartoon animation and let Modo create the in-between frames for you, and work with channels, as properties that animate any item.

Featuring a non-destructive, non-linear toolset and fully-integrated modular workflow, Modo's flexible node-based rigging system lets you easily create, edit, manage, and reuse complex character rigs.

Everything in Modo plays nicely together. Mix the particle system with dynamics. Leverage geometry based hair that is shaded like any other surface. Take advantage of advanced procedural modeling features like arrays to create streamlined asset creation workflows. Modo’s effects systems are ready to help.

Particle and Dynamics
Create compelling dynamic simulations with Modo's rule-based, directable particle and dynamics systems. Integrated together with rigid and soft bodies, and procedural shattering, enable artists to create compelling dynamic simulations in less time.

Hair and Fur
Modo lets you create and manipulate realistic hair, fur, grass, feathers and other fiber-based effects as actual geometry that can be sculpted, shaded and rendered directly in your scene.

Camera and Projection Tools
Modo is packed with advanced tools for virtual camera creation and digital matte painting, offering extensive projection tools allowing you to choose the desired camera type.

Free yourself from creativity-killing constraints, with Modo’s highly customizable user interface and robust software development interfaces. Without proper attention to workflow, a powerful tool is little more than a digital paperweight.

Modo’s Presets help you work quicker and more effectively, so you can avoid repetitive modeling tasks. Segment your work into more manageable parts, and create repeatable looks with saveable, shareable, reusable assemblies, and presets.

Collaboration and File I/O
With extensive file format support, asset sharing workflows and complete customizability, Modo offers production teams the combination of effective collaboration and individual efficiency they require.

Customizable UI
The Modo user interface is composed of “forms,” which can be resized or toggled on and off to further optimize the user interface. If you hit F3 inside of Modo, you can view and modify a wide variety of forms. We've built useful combinations of forms that we provide as “layouts” for Modo users, and new layouts can be easily created and saved by both users and Modo developers.

Toolpipe (custom tool creation)
Modo’s Toolpipe lets you create an infinite number of specialized modeling and selection tool variants that you can assign to hotkeys or other parts of the user interface. With the Toolpipe, you are able to combine Modo’s robust set of powerful modeling tools with falloffs and action centers in new combinations to customize the way a given tool feels, looks and affects geometry. You can either use Modo’s tools as supplied, or leverage the Toolpipe to create a tailored set of tools that work exactly the way you want them to.

Modo supports scripting in Python, Lua or Perl right out of the box. The Modo TD SDK offers a simpler and more intuitive interface to the existing Python API, making it easier for technical directors to write plug-ins. Essentially a package wrapped around the base Python API, the TD SDK simplifies the COM semantics of Modo's plug-in architectures and presents a more Python-like interface.

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