Galleria Software Jphotoviewer V1.1

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Galleria Software Jphotoviewer V1.1

Galleria Software Jphotoviewer V1.1
Win App | 1.0mb | RS.COM

JPhotoViewer is a compact yet powerful tool for presenting photos and text in a browser-based environment. JPhotoViewer is extremely efficient in displaying large collections of photos and text. It also gives you the ability to create a slide show. JPhotoViewer is not a complete HTML solution. A user must have some rudimentary HTML skills including the ability to build the web page that embodies the applet

JPhotoViewer includes the following features:
• A java-based photo album that is complete with navigation buttons.
• The ability to attach text annotations to photos.
• Slide-show capabilities with a user-defined delay interval.
• Various transition effects when the user selects a new photo.
• Text overlays which allow you to put text directly on top of photos. The text overlays can also be used like a watermark.
• Photo scaling, photos are scaled to fit in the applet, there is no need to crop photos.
• The ability to select a tiled background for the applet.
• An On-Click URL can be specified for each photo.
• Easily customize colors, fonts, size of the applet.
• View/Hide photo viewer components.
• Security for web images. Photos can't be downloaded.
• A Photo Collection Editor (Windows only), that allows you to quickly organize photos.

Requires Java-Enabled Browser
Editor requires Windows/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA