Geologynet Field Tools

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Geologynet Field Tools

Geologynet Field Tools | 12.8 MB

The Field Tools Package contains our best dot net geology field tools for Windows.

Three tools have been combined into one application:
1. Contour3DMS, Contouring and Mapping in 2D and 3D
2. CrossSectionMS, Cross Section plotting application
3. LogPlotMS, for plotting and drawing Drill Logs and Other Logs

• Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
• Plot and Draw Drill Hole/Sample Maps, Contour Maps, Cross Sections and Drill Logs
• Read/Write Tab, CSV and Excel Files
• Builtin Spreadsheet for Entering and Editing Data
• Use Additional Windows Symbol Fonts
• Optional Mineral Databases
• Core Description Report Templates
• Dip Calculator
• True Vertical Depth Calculator
• Import LAS and Text Data Files for Plotting Wireline Logs
• Plot Wireline Logs as Line, Histogram or Point Charts
• Rock Classification Wizard builtin
• Structural/Mapping Symbol Font with Bedding, Foliation, Fold, Fault, Lineation, Cleavage, Dyke and Joint Symbols Included
• Lithology Pattern Font, Drill Hole Symbol Font
• Rotated Symbols
• Builtin Pattern Library
• Auto or Manual Scales
• Drawing and Text Tools Including Line, Box, Filled Box, Ellipse, Filled Ellipse, Text, Symbol
• Choice of Colors, Labels, Symbols and Fonts
• Reference Charts Including Map Symbols, Rock Color, Timescale, Volume Estimation, Grainsize Charts
• Printing and Clipboard Support, Print Vector and Bitmaps
• Output to Bitmap or PDF Files plus other formats.
• PDF Manual

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