Scorch 1.1.2 MacOSX

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Scorch 1.1.2 MacOSX

Scorch 1.1.2 MacOSX | 9 MB

Scorch gives you everything you need to upload to, download from and manage the files and buckets on your Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage account.

Quickly and easily upload anything from a single file to folders containing thousands, no limit on file type or size.

Uploading and downloading is as simple as selecting a file, multiple files and folders or just dragging and dropping. Large files are split into parts so transfers are as fast as they can be.

Files are verified when uploaded/downloaded to ensure that the file that left was the file that arrived, no more corrupted files.

Previous versions of uploaded files are automatically kept so you will never lose a change again.

Scorch alerts you if the files you plan to upload or download are the same as those you are going to replace, saving you time and bandwidth.

Scorch fully supports advanced B2 lifecycle rules, create advanced rules when creating or editing a bucket to save space by automatically hiding and deleting old files/versions.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

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