GoodSync v7.7.4.4 Multilingual

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GoodSync v7.7.4.4 Multilingual

GoodSync v7.7.4.4 Multilingual | 1.69 MB

GoodSync - program to synchronize and backup files to automatically synchronize files between desktop and laptop computers, Smartphones Windows Mobile, PDA, removable disks, create backup copy to FTP and WebDAV servers. Provides the highest reliability combined with simple-to-use interface for the synchronization and backing up your e-mail, contacts, photos, music, iTunes, MP3, and other important files. The program automatically synchronizes your important files between desktop and laptop computers, servers, removable drives on the local network or the Internet using innovative algorithms. Sync your files in one click, eliminate information clutter, and most importantly, having peace and confidence that your financial documents, work files, emails, contacts, photos, music files and other data are synchronized and made them back copy. The program interface translated into multiple languages, including Russian language.

Synchronize the files - a process whose result is that two or more synchronized folders contain the same set the same properties files. If you add, remove or edit any file in one folder, when you synchronize the same file will be added, deleted or changed in any other folders. The files are copied in all directions. GoodSync syncs not only your data, but also analyzes, filters and displays the results in detail, protecting you from data loss, duplication, and synchronizing only the necessary files.

The result of the synchronization of files is the fact that all synchronized folders (this may be a folder on your computer, removable or network drive), there is one and the same version of files from the most recent date of any change. Of course you can synchronize files manually, but using the synchronization significantly accelerates the process and helps avoid mistakes. Synchronization is very important for people using multiple computers. GoodSync Manufacturers understand the importance of this process and thoroughly test the performance, reliability, speed and security of the program.

GoodSync - it is very stable, reliable and easy to use program. With it you can synchronize all of your files, and to do their backups. GoodSync can perform these procedures in an automatic mode for your specific schedule. You'll be sure to always keep all your files. GoodSync uses an innovative algorithm that prevents accidental erasure and duplication of files, loss of data. GoodSync has seen a number of authoritative publications, and has a lot of positive user feedback, as a stable, reliable and easy-to-use product. Only GoodSync allows for true bi-directional synchronization.

Main features:
• bidirectional synchronization to prevent data loss
• unidirectional synchronization for backup
• Synchronize folders, not just Windows, but also FTP, WebDAV, SFTP
• Synchronization with smartphones and PDAs to the Windows platform
• Selective File Synchronization
• Flexible and simple automation of the synchronization
Other possibilities:
• Monitoring the file system is not required
• Contact Syncing multiple devices, providing maximum comfort
• Synchronize FTP file modification time
• The broadcast time for the update files are not saved its file system
• Easy synchronization of time-only update files
• Monitor real-time
• Visualization of changes
• Convenient and flexible display
• Tabs tasks, simplify the work with several tasks
• The size of each level
• Dialogue to facilitate the choice of selecting the folders synchronized
• Defining the required free space
• Reports on activities and developments
• Tags jobs to removable drives
• Backing up the network for encrypted channel
Features of the professional versions of:
• Unlimited number of files synchronized
• Unlimited number of tasks
• Free Updates
• Use in Business

* Add default File Compare utility which is UNIX diff, called from right-click -> Compare Files, after Analyze.
* Add NTFS compression option to Windows File System.
* Implement policies in the Enterprise version.
* Do not exclude hidden and system files in Backup jobs.
* Add Job option: Number of Reconnect Attempts, now it can be more than one.
* Add DAV option to Send Cookies to Server, as some DAV servers require cookies.
* Make 1-way job to never show warnigs about conflicts, as these conflicts are removed.
* Add Auto options to Run Program or Send E-mail: Before Analyze, After Analyze, After Sync.

GoodSync v7.7.4.4 Multilingual