Help & Manual Premium Pack 2.10

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Help & Manual Premium Pack 2.10

Help & Manual Premium Pack 2.10 | 42.1 MB

Help & Manual Premium Pack 2 is a set of over thirty brand-new professionally-designed skins for your Help & Manual projects, plus fully updated versions of the fourteen Classic skins from the original Premium Pack. The skins provide advanced dynamic HTML features, with separate skins for different purposes and a wide variety of themes to choose from. You can transform your output with a couple of clicks – all the layout, design and programming work has been done for you.

WebHelp Skins (14 skins)
The new WebHelp skins are actually a completely new dynamic user interface for accessing documentation on the web. They introduce a toolbar similar to the toolbars found in many application programs, and tabbed browsing with the ability to park topics in tabs so that you can return to them quickly. You can integrate your website header in the area above the toolbar without reducing the space the user has for browsing: The user can fold away the header with a tool in the toolbar, and the table of contents can also slide out of the way.

CHM Skins (8 skin styles)
These skins are specifically designed for Microsoft HTML Help CHM files, where the viewer is part of Microsoft Windows and cannot be skinned. They give the user access to advanced functions without taking up additional space in the topic header. Additional functions are available in compact drop-down menus. You can also configure a logo with a hyperlink and a background image in the header area. The CHM skins also introduce our new file link fixer, which makes it possible to link to external files with relative paths in your CHM topics.

iPad Skin
The iPad skin provides a slick WebHelp interface for the Apple iPad with butter-smooth single-finger scrolling, pinch-zoom and a full three-pane interface and an attractive, minimalist style that matches the iPad user interface.

Smartphone Skins (8 skin styles)
These skins are for delivering documentation to the web browsers on modern smartphones, with full touch, rotate and pinch-zoom support. They are compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry (OS 6 or later).

They make full use of the phone's small screen, with a toolbar for switching between the contents, topics and the search and index pages. Users can also swipe to switch between contents and topics on Android and iPhone. Images are resized automatically to fit on the screen and you can define special structures called "tap tables" for displaying large-format content that would normally break the phone layout. Search can be implemented with Google Site Search, you just need to enter your Site Search embed code to activate it.

Classic Skins (14 skin styles)
These are the original dual-mode skins for both WebHelp and CHM from the Premium Pack 1 package. We are continuing to maintain and update them.

Even though they have a simpler layout than the newer skins they are still fully up-to-date, with a large range of powerful functions, from draggable and resizable popups to email feedback links, auto-generated contents menus for every topic and sortable tables.

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