Hibari 1.5.6

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Hibari 1.5.6

Hibari 1.5.6 | MacOSX | 4.7 MB

Hibari is an elegant Mac Twitter app that blocks annoyances and reveals gems. It allows you to filter out tweets containing topics you don't want to hear about. For example, if you want to avoid mentions of a certain TV show for fear of spoilers, just create a keyword block setting with the name of that show. If you put multiple words into one setting, Hibari will only block tweets that match all of those words.

Hibari's matching is case-insensitive, so a setting to block test will also block TEST.

Blocking automated tweets: Keyword blocking works great for hiding automated tweets from "tweet blast" promotions and check-in services like Foursquare or Gowalla. Simply add a filter containing the bit of text common to all those tweets (in Foursquare's case, that would be

Blocking retweets: Some people would rather not see any retweets. In Hibari, you can block both native (new-style) and old-style retweets by adding a filter that simply says RT.

By default, Hibari doesn't filter out mentions, DMs, and search results. If you'd like to create a setting that will filter out mentions, include your @username in the setting. E.g. if your username is @justin, and you want to block mentions that include the word “bieber,” create a keyword block setting for @justin bieber.

The mute feature was created because there needed to be a way to temporarily hide someone's messages without unfollowing them. (As some people interpret unfollowing as un-friending, unfollowing can cause social awkwardness or hurt feelings.) With mute ability, you can now liberally follow people knowing you can always mute them if their tweets go overboard.

Hibari will not block replies or DMs from the person you're muting so you can still respond to conversations with that person and not appear to be totally ignoring them.

Coming soon: Mute duration. In an upcoming version of Hibari, you will be able to hide someone's tweets for a specific number of days, e.g. for the 3 days they're live-tweeting a conference you don't care about.

Saved Searches
In Hibari, you don't have to monitor a separate timeline to see your most important search results. Check the "Display results in home timeline" checkbox next to any search term and all matching results will begin appearing in your home timeline.

We recommend using Twitter's search operators to increase the usefulness of your searches. For example, you can use the minus symbol to exclude a term from your search.

See all replies to someone: Normally, you only see conversations between users you follow. If you'd like to see every conversation involving a certain Twitter user, add a search setting that contains @user OR from:user (substituting your friend's username for user).

Monitor only certain types of tweets from a user: If you only want to see tweets from @nytimes if they're about NYC, you could create a search for from:nytimes NYC.

Note: Currently, we do not sync your Hibari searches with your saved searches on

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