Informatik Image Markup 7.20.3413

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Informatik Image Markup 7.20.3413

Informatik Image Markup 7.20.3413 | 1.53 Mb

Informatik Image Markup allows you to make changes to graphics files such as single or multipage TIFF, or JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP. For example, you Download Imagistik Markupcan make text annotations and notes, hide text, highlight text, make drawing, add arrows, lines, boxes, add watermarks, text bubbles, and more. Requires Microsoft .Net 2.0.

• Easy to use
• Many drawing/editing tools:
- Drawing
+ Freehand drawing
+ Straight lines and paths
+ Rectangle and elipse
+ Arrows
+ Text at any angle, curves
- Highlighting
+ Highlight an area (colored background, colored text, invert)
- Redaction
+ White or black-out section
- Text inserts, text art, text balloons
- Stamps
- Watermarks
- Insert Images