Intelligent Light FieldView 17.0

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Intelligent Light FieldView 17.0

Intelligent Light FieldView 17.0 | 1.8 Gb

In support of engineers and managers whose judgment is essential to high-quality, innovative products, Intelligent Light released FieldView 17. This release introduces a new data analysis framework and delivers speed and usability enhancements to benefit all users.

What's new in FieldView 17:

FieldView is the industry’s tool of choice when engineers must deliver better results within fast design cycles. Use FieldView to make your decisions quickly and with confidence. FieldView 17 advances the state of the art in straightforward data analysis while continuing to improve performance for time-intensive tasks.

New FieldView Data Analysis Framework:

- Perform Reduced Order Analysis (ROA) with Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD)
- Compute FFT for unsteady analysis
- Interfaces with MATLAB, GNU Octave and many other tools via MAT-file export
- Interfaces with Excel, NumPy and R via CSV export
- FieldView 17 ships with GNU Octave, Python modules (Windows and Linux 64bit - NumPy, Maltplotlib, etc), example scripts and a full data analysis demonstration package

For the full list of new and improved features, and fixed bugs please refer to the release notes located here

Intelligent Light FieldView 17.0

Intelligent Light FieldView 17.0

About Intelligent Light FieldView. The flagship FieldView application is the most widely used CFD post-processing software for engineering and research. FieldView delivers scalable parallel visualization from laptops to high-performance computing (HPC), including unsteady flows, numerical analysis, extensive solver interfaces and advanced post-processing and visualization techniques.

FieldView is used in a wide variety of markets including aerospace, automotive, energy and civil engineering. The popular CFD post-processor is used by engineering leaders in large organizations, by engineering consultants and by several top motorsports teams.

Multiple input formats: AcuSolve, ANSYS-CFX, CFD++, CGNS Unstructured/Hybrid, COBALT, CONVERGE, FLOW-3D, FLUENT, FV-UNS, CENERIC Unstructured, HAVOC, LS-DYNA, NPARC/WIND, OpenFOAM, OVERFLOW-2, PLOT3D, SC/Tetra, SCRYU, scSTREAM, STAR-CCM+, STAR-CD, …

About Intelligent Light. Intelligent Light, a US company based in Rutherford, New Jersey, has focused on advanced CFD post-processing and data management software for over 25 years, establishing FieldView as the most widely used post-processing software in CFD. The Advanced Research Group continues to innovate through pure research for real-world computational engineering simulations. With customer success its paramount goal, Intelligent Light is driving real-world solutions to the toughest challenges in CFD today.

Product: Intelligent Light FieldView
Version: 17.0
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC / Linux
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP or newer /*
Size: 1.8 Gb
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.5 (kernel 2.6)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.7 (kernel 2.6)
Fedora 25 (kernel 4.12.1)
CentOS 5.5 (kernel 2.6)
CentOS 5.11 (kernel 2.6)
CentOS 6.5 (kernel 2.6)
CentOS 7 (kernel 3.10)
OpenSUSE 13 (kernel 3.11)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11
Ubuntu 14.04

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Intelligent Light FieldView 17.0