JetBrains PyCharm v1.5.2

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JetBrains PyCharm v1.5.2

JetBrains PyCharm v1.5.2 | 64.6 MB

JetBrains PyCharm - Python IDE with complete set of tools for productive development with Python programming language.
In addition, the IDE provides high-class capabilities for professional Web development with Django framework. Coding Assistance: Code faster and with more pleasure in a smart and configurable editor with code completion, snippets and various intention actions. Code Analysis: Take advantage of on-the-fly code syntax, error highlighting, intelligent inspections and one-click quick-fix suggestions to make code better. Project Code Navigation: Instantly navigate from one file to another, from method to its declaration or usages, and through classes hierarchy. Learn keyboard shortcuts to be even more productive.

Python Refactoring
Make project-wide code changes painlessly with rename, extract method, introduce field/variable/constant and pull up/push down refactorings

Web Development with Django
Even more rapid Web development with Django framework backed up with excellent HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing facilities

Google App Engine Support
Develop applications for Google App Engine and delegate routine deployment tasks to the IDE

Version Control Integration
Check-in, check-out, view diffs, merge - all in the unified VCS user interface for Mercurial, Subversion, Git, Perforce and other SCMs

Integrated Unit Testing
Run a test file, a single test class, a method, or all tests in a folder. Observe results in graphical test runner with execution statistics

Graphical Debugger
Fine-tune Python applications and unit tests using a full-featured debugger with breakpoints, stepping, frames view, watches and evaluate expressions

Intelligent Code Editor
Syntax highlighting — customizable editor colors for Python code and Django templates. Several predefined color themes.

Auto-Indentation and code formatting — automatic indents inserting on new line. Indents verification and code re-formatting according to project code-style settings.

Code completion for keywords, classes, variables, etc. — Ctrl+Space. Editor suggestions are context-aware and suggest most appropriate options.

Line and block commenting — single keystroke to comment/uncomment current line or selection

On-the-fly error highlighting — errors are shown as you type. Integrated spell-checker verifies your identifiers and comments for misspellings.

Quick definition / documentation view — see the object definition or documentation in-place without losing your context

Code snippets — save time using advanced customizable and parametrized code templates and snippets.

Code folding, auto-insertion of braces, brackets & quotes, Matching brace/bracket highlighting, etc.

Code Analysis
Numerous code inspections verify Python code as you type and also allow to inspect whole project for possible errors or code smells.

Quick-fixes for most inspections make it easy to fix or improve the code instantly. Alt+Enter shows appropriate options for each inspection.

Easy Code Navigation and Search
Go to class / file / symbol — crucial operations for fast project navigation. Use wild-cards and abbreviations to locate needed items faster,

Go to declaration — when invoked from a reference, opens the corresponding file and navigates to the symbol declaration.

Find Usages — helps you locate usages of any symbol (e.g., class, method, field, etc.) in your code, in the current file or in the whole project.

Python Refactoring
Rename refactoring allows to perform global code changes safely and instantly. Local changes within a file are performed in-place. Refactorings work in plain Python and Django projects.

Use Introduce Variable/Field/Constant and Inline Local for improving the code structure within a method, Extract Method to break up longer methods, and Extract Superclass and Push Up/Pull Down to move the methods between classes.

Django Templates Editing
While working with Django projects you can use all standard editor actions provided by JetBrains IDEs and rely on appropriate assistance, starting from syntax/error highlighting to advanced refactorings.

Code completion works for Django tags, filters, template variables and parameters passed from view methods.

Quick documentation lookup shows information for tags and filters.

Inspections verify you code for duplicate block names, <extends> tag position, tags open-close structure, unresolved template references, etc.

Time-saving editor actions include: automatic code formatting and indentation, code snippets/live templates, brackets and quotes autoclosing, code commenting and "Surround with tag" options.

Django-Specific Code and Files
Code insight for Django models and fields: navigation, autocompletion with type inference.

Special coding assistance within standard files: and files, folders, view methods, templates navigation and autocompletion, regexp injection and highlighting. Intentions to create view and template from usage.

Our IDE gives you an excellent support for editing HTML, XHTML and CSS code. Navigation, completion for tag names, attributes and styles, on-the-fly code inspections, quick fixes, and even refactoring — everything you need to effectively author the code for Web development.

  • DOM- and Schema-Based Code Completion
  • Code formatting, HTML/XHTML syntax highlighting
  • HTML/XHTML code inspections
  • Validation and Quick-Fixes
  • Refactoring for HTML
  • HTML5 Support
  • Fast HTML/XHTML navigation
  • Find/highlight usages
  • Matching tag highlighting
  • Go to declaration
  • Structure View
  • CSS Code Folding
CSS editor
  • CSS code completion
  • CSS syntax & error highlighting
  • CSS on-the-fly validation & intention actions
  • Refactoring
  • Auto-comment
  • Code formatting
Ease of use
  • Show content
  • Show Applied Styles
  • Extract Embedded Styles
  • Quick view of docs
  • Zen Coding
Run, Debug & Test your Python/Django
As an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) PyCharm provides functions for complete development cycle, including ability to run applications from IDE, unit testing support and integrated graphical debugger.

First, you can run REPL or Django consoles in PyCharm that offer many advantages over the standard ones: on-the-fly syntax check with inspections, braces and quotes matching and pairs autoinsertion and of course code completion. Both consoles are easy to locate under Tools menu.

You can run any Python file. Just right-click what you need to run and select 'Run <your script>'.

You can execute tasks from your file. Use 'Run task' action, enter a task name or event part of it and select the one you need. Debugger is started the same way.

Every script/test or debugger execution creates a special 'Run/Debug Configuration' that can be edited and used later. Run/Debug Configurations can be shared with project settings for use by the whole team.

PyCharm IDE lets you run your tests: a test file, a single test class, a method, or all tests in a folder. You can observe results in graphical test runner with execution statistics and simple test-code navigation.

The test runner also works for Django applications, with support for both unit tests and doctests.

Google App Engine Python Development
Develop applications for Google App Engine and delegate routine deployment tasks to the IDE. Create your app, run it and deploy it to the App Engine server without leaving PyCharm. Enjoy code completion and error highlighting in GQL queries and in YAML configuration files.

Python Desktop Development
Desktop development support with wxPython, PyQt, PyGTK

Supported Environments
Python 2.x or 3.x, Jython and IronPython.

What's New in PyCharm 1.2


Get the benefits of Django 1.3 such as class-based views. PyCharm understands the new approach and provides an appropriate quick-fix to update your code. 'Create from usage' approach is extended for Django templates. Write a new template name when you need it and invoke intention action to create it instantly.

Working on multilingual applications gets easier because now PyCharm understands the syntax of .po files and provides a highlighting for it. More advanced i18n features are coming in future versions.

Code Analysis
If you are targeting multiple Python versions or want to have a smooth migration to Python 3, PyCharm offers 'Python version compatibility inspection' and provides quick-fixes to automatically convert the code to compatible syntax. You can activate the inspection in IDE Settings and select the versions to check compatibility with up to Python 3.2.

IDE General
UI for Find/Replace inside the current file has been reworked.