KORG AudioGate

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KORG AudioGate

KORG AudioGate | 10.2 MB

KORG AudioGate is an audio file conversion and playback application that supports 1-bit (DSD) audio. It can play, AND convert between: WAV, AIFF, FLAC, DSDIFF, DSF, WSD, WMA, AAC, MP3, and more! Extremely convenient for anything DSD! It can also author DSD Disc which you can play on the PS3 essentially like an SACD disc.

Korg’s free AudioGate software is your bridge to translating the amazingly accurate DSD recordings created on your MR-1, MR-1000 or MR-2000S into different file types; as well as to importing files from a variety of sources. But that’s not all! Check out what the new release of AudioGate Version 2.0 means to you…

OK, first things first. AudioGate has evolved into a veritable Rosetta Stone when it comes to translating your recordings to other file formats. As of Version 2, you can now important and export in the following formats:

- MP3*3 (export Windows only)
- AAC*1 (export Mac only)
- Apple Lossless*1 (export Mac only)
- WMA (including WMA Professional and WMA Lossless – export Windows only)

KORG AudioGate

AudioGate 2.0 also adds FLAC file support – the most popular lossless form of data compression.

In addition to editing features like gain, fade, balance, and DC cut which AudioGate previously included, you’ve now got some new ones. “Normalize” automatically adjusts so that you can export files at their highest level without clipping. Plus, we’ve not only improved the output level range from ± 24 dB to ± 60 dB, but we’ve also expanded the peak level metering for better visual monitoring.

AudioGate 2.0 ensures that you get great-sounding results when you down-convert from one sample rate/bit depth to another. It now includes standard TPDF (Triangular Probability Density Function) dithering, plus Korg’s own enhanced “AQUA” dithering that closely follows human hearing characteristics for much more musical and natural sounding results.

Want to listen to and share the results of your great DSD recordings? You can use the tools listed above and now burn your own audio CDs, complete with CD-Text. But since you’re recording with an MR Series recorder, we know you are into the latest and highest quality technology out there. We’re right there with you. Now you can use AudioGate 2.0 to create DSD audio discs (1-bit/2.8 MHz) that preserve the superior audio fidelity that only 1-bit recording can deliver. You can play these enhanced discs in a variety of devices – Sony PlayStation, VAIO computers, and certain stand-alone DVD players.

You might find this new feature handy. AudioGate 2.0 can load tracks from existing audio CDs, and it supports CD-text. No more jumbled up, unlabeled imports! Go ahead and change or add names if you want to as well, even edit multiple files at the same time to correct an artist name, album title, etc. You can even load, view, and change embedded graphic images like album artwork, session photos, and more.

When you step away, you want to jump back into the music as quickly as possible. That’s why AudioGate 2.0 has some new useful features to help you do it. First of all, you can now view recently used songlists, so you can restart where you left off or make quick edits without having to redo work you’ve already completed. Plus, AudioGate 2.0 comes with a new auto-save function that recovers the most recent songlist that was in use, even if you didn’t shut down AudioGate properly.

Oh, and the best thing about AudioGate 2.0? It’s FREE! Download it now. >>

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