Kiwi 1.0.0

Kiwi 1.0.0

Kiwi 1.0.0 | Mac Os X | 2.6 MB

Kiwi is a full-featured Twitter client that supports multiple accounts, groups, searches and rules/filters. Kiwi also gives users the power to change the look, or theme, to match their desktop.

Kiwi comes with nine built-in themes, with more available online. Plus, Kiwi is extensible with an API for building themes from HTML and CSS. Powerful rules allow users to filter, mark, or highlight desired content or tweets. Kiwi also supports picture posting, url shortening, and keyboard shortcuts. Kiwi shows a user's home timeline, mentions, direct messages (both to and from), and favorites for each account. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to easily switch among them. Kiwi supports auto-updating to ensure users have the latest version.

Features of Kiwi include:
Themes - customize with nine themes included and more available online
Rules - find and highlight important content or hide unwanted tweets
Multiple twitter accounts - utilize multiple accounts or account groups, and switch quickly among them
Saved searches - auto-refresh searches
Account groups - organize your timelines
Theme API - build themes with HTML and CSS