Kontakt 3.0.2

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Kontakt 3.0.2

Kontakt 3.0.2
Mac App | 125mb | RS,UPL

KONTAKT 3 is the third generation of NIґs award-winning flagship sampler. With a powerful new sampling engine, comprehensive surround integration, the unique KONTAKT Script Processor (KSP), integrated convolution effects and unrivaled import capabilities, KONTAKT 3 is simply the most advanced sampler ever. KONTAKT 3 has a powerful new sampling engine that offers virtually unlimited polyphony as well as 64-part multitimbrality, allowing for the most complex arrangements even within a single instance of KONTAKT 3. Multiprocessor support delivers up to 100% performance increase on dual processors systems, while Altivec optimization gives a further performance boost on Macintosh computers equipped with G4 and G5 processors. KONTAKT 3 is the first-choice sampler for every musician, producer and sound designer - from beginners to celebrated composers.

Now in its third incarnation, KONTAKT 3 builds on its reputation as the industry standard for professional sampling. The outstanding audio engine and state-of-the-art modular architecture provide unlimited sonic potential for your music. Universal file import ensures global compatibility. A huge sound collection connects you to a multitude of instruments, and the reworked interface makes playing and tweaking them effortless. KONTAKT 3 is the premiere sampler for artists and producers from across the musical spectrum.

Immense Library Including 33 GB and 1000 Instruments:
KONTAKT 3 contains an immense arsenal of instruments. Six stunning Instrument Collections are included: Orchestral, World, Vintage, Band, Synth and Urban Beats – containing over 33 GB of world-class samples and 1000 instruments, all instantly accessible with the lightning-fast Quick-Search function. Rich and diverse, every instrument in KONTAKT 3 now also features Performance Views that group together all the important parameters – connecting you to any sound – immediately.

Unprecedented Tweak-ability:
For really getting inside your samples, KONTAKT 3 delivers endless possibilities. Edit, loop, slice or tempo-sync your samples with the powerful Wave Editor. Freely draw customized envelopes directly into the sample waveform to modulate any parameter, with ease and precision. Perfect your sound using the 18 high-quality effects, including new amp and cabinet emulations and a powerful convolution effect.

Top Features:

* Six Instrument Collections – over 33 GB of sounds
* Ready-to-rock "Performance View" for each of the 1000 instruments
* Reworked Wave Editor with tools for intuitive looping, slicing and editing
* Freely drawable envelopes per sample
* Improved navigation: Modulation Quick-Jumps, Instrument Navigator
* Over 18 high-end effects
* Enhanced workflow for Scripts with tabbed views
* Universal Import of virtually any sample format
* MIDI loop drag & drop into host application
* New Info Pane in the GUI, seven tutorial videos

Notes :
no library included, no demo, correctly cracked, no library protection.

It says it's an update but it's not, it's a full version.