LingvoSoft 2007 - Eng to 42 Lang + More

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LingvoSoft 2007 - Eng to 42 Lang + More

LingvoSoft 2007 - Eng to 42 Lang + More
Talking Dictionary 2007 (Eng to 42 Lang) | 216 MB

- English Albanian
- English Arabic
- English Armenian
- English Azerbaijani
- English Bosnian
- English Bulgarian
- English Chinese Simplified
- English Chinese Traditional
- English Croatian
- English Czech
- English Dutch
- English Estonian
- English Finnish
- English French
- English German
- English Greek
- English Hebrew
- English Hungarian
- English Indonesian
- English Italian
- English Japanese Kana Romaji
- English Japanese Kanji Kana
- English Japanese Kanji Romaji
- English Japanese Romaji Kanji
- English Korean
- English Latin
- English Latvian
- English Lithuanian
- English Polish
- English Portuguese
- English Romanian
- English Russian
- English Serbian
- English Slovak
- English Spanish
- English Swedish
- English Tagalog
- English Thai
- English Turkish
- English Ukrainian
- English Vietnamese
- English Yiddish

- Russian Armenian
- Russian Azerbaijani
- Russian English
- Russian Estonian
- Russian French
- Russian German
- Russian Hebrew
- Russian Spanish
- Russian Turkish

- Russian Armenian
- Russian Azerbaijani
- Russian ChineseSimplified
- Russian ChineseTraditional
- Russian Czech
- Russian Dutch
- Russian English
- Russian Estonian
- Russian Finnish
- Russian French
- Russian German
- Russian Hebrew
- Russian Italian
- Russian Polish
- Russian Portuguese
- Russian Spanish
- Russian Swedish
- Russian Turkish

LingvoSoft Dictionary 2007:

A new generation of dictionaries.

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2007 is part of a complete language learning and
management solution for your PC.

Providing instant bi-directional translation of all the words and phrases in its
massive database, it is one of the most complete language resources ever designed.

Once installed on your desktop or laptop PC this remarkable dictionary not only
translates between Languages but also speaks the Languages translation out loud using
the latest TTS (text-to-speech) technology.

Providing you with important usage information and transcriptions, it also lets you
easily improve your knowledge of another language quickly and effectively.

And with its fully adjustable interface that includes multi-lingual settings it has
never been simpler or more comfortable to work with a foreign language.

Additional timesaving features include full integration with other popular LingvoSoft
applications as well as with many MS Office applications allowing you to use
familiar cut and past commands to translate words from a variety of sources.

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2007 features:

# Language information for about 42 languages
# English Grammar information
# Input Line search
# Advanced Spell-Check function
# Sophisticated Synonyms search
# Adjustable user interface (toolbars, font settings, colors, etc.)
# English, French, German, Spanish and Russian language interfaces
# Translations complete with part of speech, gender, comment, transcription,
sentence examples
# Translation cards
# Quick paste and translate function
# Personalized User Dictionaries (Add, Create, Edit)
# Parts of Speech Filter
# Advanced English and French speech synthesis created with Text To Speech technology
# Full Integration with LingvoSoft FlashCards and LingvoSoft PhraseBook
# Full integration with Microsoft Office (Internet Explorer, Outlook, Word)