Lunascape Web Browser v6.0.1 ORION Portable

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Lunascape Web Browser v6.0.1 ORION Portable

Lunascape Web Browser v6.0.1 ORION Portable | 72 Mb

Lunascape is the world's first and only triple engine browser. It has been downloaded over 15 million times and it's available globally in 11 languages. Try it yourself the new kind of speed and versatility.

What's New in Ver 6.0
Triple Engine goes Triple Add-on
Lunascape is now compatible with the expanding array of Firefox add-ons in addition to the already supported Internet Explorer add-ons and Lunascape plug-ins, achieving the greatest degree of extensibility and flexibility among Web browsers. Transferring your add-ons from Firefox is very easy.

Extensible AND Fast
Lunascape6 achieves the utmost extensibility without compromising one of the fastest speeds in the market. You can browse lightning fast while enjoying ample add-ons. We've also made special effort in ensuring fast launch even with many add-ons.

Simply Refined Interface
A new interface mode, ORION, is added to version 6 as a default. This sleek minimalist interface has all the basic functions and will get you going in no time. You can still customize many aspects of interface to your liking.

Triple Engine Side-by-Side Display
Our unique Triple Engine keeps evolving. To better support web designers and developers, we have implemented “split tab display”. You can view a web page in 3 rendering engines side-by-side to easily check the browser compatibility.

Triple Engine, Triple Add-on, and Beyond
On top of the Triple Engine, we now support Triple Add-ons and provide you with more advanced yet easy-to-use interfaces. We consider this as an important step towards the unified browsing platform. With Lunascape, you can have all you need to interact with the Web in a single platform that is personalized just for you.

Compatible with Firefox Add-ons
Lunascape is a feature-rich browser that you will find most of what you want without messing with add-ons. However, there are always more and we are open to bring in good stuff. Due to popular request, Lunascape is now compatible with the vast array of Firefox add-ons. You can use them seamlessly with Lunascape's gecko engine, in addition to the already available IE add-ons and Lunascape plug-ins.

Quick and Easy Add-on Transfer from Firefox
Do you already have a lot of Firefox add-ons? No problem. Just follow the simple wizard, and voila, you get all of your Firefox 3.x add-ons into Lunascape 6.

Extensible and Fast
Lunascape6 achieves the utmost extensibility without compromising one of the fastest speeds in the market. You can browse fast while enjoying ample add-ons. While it is well known that having too many add-ons slow down the speed, we have worked hard at mitigating that. Our test shows that Lunascape's launch speed is faster than Firefox with the same set of installed add-ons.

Use Firefox Add-ons Even More Effectively
Smart Add-on Organizaer
Did you ever have a problem with too many add-on icons taking over your toolbar? Lunascape prepared a special add-on organizer that neatly packs the icons away through automated categorization.

Enhanced Floating Sidebar a la Desktop Gadget
The revamped floating sidebar can be really handy. Not only can you use multiple Firefox sidebar add-ons at a time, you can use them separately from the browser or even in another monitor. It's like desktop gadget.

New Minimalist Interface - ORION
We have added a new mode that is sleek and easy-to-use. Yes, we heard you loud and clear. No more clutter.

Triple Engine Side-by-Side Split Tab Display
Now that you can operate tabs with various split displays, it is easier than ever for Web designer and developers to check their creation side-by-side to ensure browser compatibility.

Triple Engine API for Cross Browser Extension
Beyond unifying 4 major browsers into a single platform through triple engines and add-ons, we have extended APIs to further support triple engine, making it possible to develop cross browser extensions. *Plug-in development instruction in English will be prepared shortly.

System Requirements
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/Server 2003/Server 2008
Memory: 1GB (recommended: 2GB or more)
Internet Explorer 6 or later

Dec 25, 2009 Ver 6.0.1
Spec Change
* For standard installer, the default is set not to download WebKit engine during the install

New Features and Improvements
* Updated Gecko engine to revision (same as Firefox 3.5.6)
* IE8 native mode can be selected
* Maximum resolution is extended to 1920 x 1200 (applicable only to Orion interface)

Fixed Bugs
* Incorrect language and text display are found in Chinese, Korean, and English versions
* Widening browser display makes search bar longer than address bar while using Orion interface
* Accelerator key that moves focus to address bar and search bar does not function properly in German and Spanish versions

Gecko Specific
* Freezes when Lunascape is closed with an open web site that utilizes JavaApplet
* Crashes when Lunascape is closed right after closing a web site that utilizes JavaApplet

WebKit Specific
* SSL errors occur at certain web sites

1- Flash Player 10 Included
2- Enjoy!

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