Manga Studio 5.0

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Manga Studio 5.0

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Smith Micro has released Manga Studio 5, an update of its comics illustration app. The new software features a reworked interface, attempting to put the most commonly used tools within easy access. Smith notes that the UI is also customizable, for instance letting users create their own brush shapes or canvas textures. Also included are new coloring, vector, and dedicated air brush tools, as well as support for 3D objects including reference and background materials.

Manga Studio 5's screen tones enable users to add styles and effects to their projects and create backgrounds with the pattern brush. Artists can customize projects with the program's large collection of special effects.

Manga Studio 5 is a 64-bit application with multi-core CPU support, which means it can handle high-definition and multi-layered art projects more smoothly than previous versions. Its interface overhaul and new graphics engine lets artists draw and paint more naturally, the company says.

A new, customisable interface lets artists set up a personal workflow that best fits their projects. Users can set their own brush shapes, canvas textures, and paint expressions, and save them as personal settings.

Product Features

Add power and flexibility to your design process. Specifically designed for professionals, Manga Studio combines a multitude of cutting-edge features that makes it the most powerful manga and comic drawing tool in the market.
Save valuable time and effort. Speed up your workflow! With Manga Studio?s powerful feature set and intuitive, standard interface, you will quickly create and enhance your comic projects faster than if created by hand.
Create professional level art from start to finish. Designed specifically for illustrating manga and comic art, Manga Studio?s specialized features provide a complete solution for creating standard black and white manga and comics.
Draw naturally with a Tablet - Sketch, scan or import your inked artwork directly. Create original sketches using your mouse or draw naturally with a Pen Tablet.
Screen tones & Patterns - Screen tones add dimension, depth and character to your artwork. Choose from tones of screen tones in Manga Studio.

Manga Studio 5.0

OS : Windows®: XP, Vista, 7 or 8
Language : English

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