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Manga-Effect Plugin v1.2 for Photoshop

Posted By: Ruslab-Warez

Manga-Effect Plugin v1.2 for Photoshop
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Speed Line for making the object have air of swiftness all about it. Radial Lines for turning all eyes on one point. Flash for making a balloon to show object's mental state.Other effects: a glance, magic effect. "Photoshop Manga-Effect Plug-in" is plug-in software to work on Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro to generate special effects which are commonly used by "Dragon Ball" and other Japanese comics smartly and productively. This plug-in enables you to simplify usual time-consuming handwriting procedure to the minimum. In addition, by setting the parameter over the detail it generates unique and cartoon-like special effects which are peculiar to the digital contents, such as spring rain and the haze.

Rich variety of lines
For a tool, either "Technical pen" with a rounded nip or "Dip pen" with a sharp-shaped nip can be used. Both the streamline and the zigzag line go just as you want by using a "Ruler" editor.

Specifying drawing settings on a Preview screen
The effective lines can be set not only on a dedicated setting screen but on a Preview screen by clicking on the mouse over it. Using a Preview screen is more suitable for specifying the details of the part you will draw.

Interlocking movement with a Mask area
The length line can be defined on the Protection domain of the Mask (a selected area) and the delicate line matched to the object can be arranged easily.

Usable without Photoshop
"Photoshop Manga-Effect Plug-in" is available for the present main axis, Photoshop CS as well as the predecessor of the Photoshop CS series, Photoshop Elements series and the graphic software "Paint Shop Pro" series of Corel Corporation.

It's designed to provide full satisfaction to both you, a beginner and a professional of personal computer graphic. Using attached "Manga Effect Front-End Plug-in" allows you to add an effect to any image anywhere anytime without preparing for special graphic software corresponding to the plug-in.