Map of Belarus for Garmin from 23.12.2009(Translit MapSource + IMG)

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Map of Belarus for Garmin from 23.12.2009(Translit MapSource + IMG)

Map of Belarus for Garmin from 23.12.2009(EN/RUS + Translit MapSource + IMG) | 201 MB

New release maps for GPS Navigator GARMIN. Since the last update the map "Roads of Belarus" has been more than three months. During this time, it was handled a lot of different comments on all areas of Belarus, added a few kartostroiteley (in Brest and Grodno oblasts) are activated not only the regional centers and regions.
What's new in this build?
-at the request of users removed the reduction in the names of settlements;
-the great work on synchronizing the names of streets, avenues, boulevards across the map;
-improved detail of the overview map (from the scale 15 km);
-refined appearance card card looks more uniform, added new polygons, synchronized appearance of urban roads;
, made the first settlement with 100% targeted search engine! This village Meretskogo (Vitebsk district of Vitebsk region).

-information from more than 250 tracks;
-More than 170 PSI;
-fixed over 280 errors and inaccuracies;
about 50 yards passages;
-more than 60 rotations of the prohibitions;
-20 Interchanges
-several district centers.

Parallel Unfold the project "Roads of Belarus" is collecting and updating information
-bad roads
hazardous areas
dangerous cornering
dangerous intersections
-Speed limit: simple signs, frequent field installation of mobile cameras, cameras that record the passage of red light on the dangers of roads RB
At this point in the database already has 1,829 objects.

The main changes in each area:

Minsk and region
-a 20% increased the total length of the yard driveways;
-added address search in the neighborhoods south-west, The robin, Loshitsa, Serebryanka Chizhovka, Shaban, Sukharava, Green Meadow, Mikhalovo, Brilevichi, Krasny Bor, West and others conducted important work to improve the targeting of search by the city (the area in which is 100% targeted search, starting with the scale of 1 km are marked blue-purple polygon);
-marked and signed by the industrial zone;
-conducted work on "greening" the city);
-adjusted traffic pattern in accordance with the latest changes: open to traffic on the street. Timiryazev new junction on the street. Kalvariyskaya added route Minsk-?iadel;
-added the subway station;
-added about 800 PSI;
-designated roadway;
-added address search in the area Slepyanka, draw valerian;
added-p "Sokol", referring to Minsk;
-improved Pond and Bogatyrev, partially implemented address search

Brestkaya Region
- Added some streets in Ruzhany;
- Added city Belaazyorsk;
- Partially update the road network for the city of Ivanovo;
- Improved road network Drogichin, Ivanovo, Pinsk district;
- Improved routing of Brest;
- Continued drawing Baranavichy;
- Some drawn by the road network in the city Lachavi?y;
- By Mr. Pinsk district Verasy fixed + added a partial search.
Quarter Ostrovsky, Pervomaiskaya, Kosciusko, Ilyina, Central - address search, amended prospectus ZHOLTOVSKOGO, Dnieper flotilla of other minor bugs;
-added Pruzhany;
GP-added High Kamenetz district.

Minsk Province
-updated Miadzie? finding on the streets;
-Kopyl appeared in the streets to search through the main streets;
fixed-route Minsk-Mogilev;
-updated city Uzda + search on the streets;
-update the road network in the city of Green boron;
-upgraded roads and entrances and airport Minsk-2;
-completely updated the town of Borisov
-improved road network area.

Mogilev Province
-added Am?cis?a? with the road network and street names;
-added ?k?o? with the road network, the name of streets and houses;
-to Bobruisk, updated central part of the city, Domanski, 5-6 neighborhoods, displaying all the streets and houses of Bobruisk with numbers added to the yard driveways, the numbering of houses in the private sector, suffered a large number of urban sites, searching by address;
- Added d Zabolote Mstsislauye area with street names;
-Mogilev added a number of different new POI (rest in progress), improved accuracy and improved road network to the private sector in the Small Borovkov, Obesiniya, Grebeneva, Brody, also according to the areas added several new streets. Made address search for multistoried building in the following areas: Work, Yamnitsky, straw, 8 th Brick (Transmash), fully Oktyabrsky region of Mogilev (it's half the city) and st. Legendary d. Buinichi. Fixed several bugs.

Vitsyebsk Province
, corrected and added to the road network throughout the region;
-completely renovated in Vitebsk area South and South-5-6 and made an address search;
-partially renovated area Street. Karl Marx, made address;
-address search is made in Mesopotamia (Novopolotsk);
-update the road network town (with the search on the streets);
-Added a rough road network Dokshitsy (finding on the streets);
-added street network GP Byahoml (finding on the streets);
-added street network, the Shumilino (without street names and searching);
-Improved the street network in the GP Sharkovschina and bears a few PSI in the center;
-added street network GP Vu?a?y (center are drawn in detail, made an address search, POI are shown).

Grodno Province
-completely redrew Slonim, improved road network in Slonim district;
-fully drawn by the city Ostrowiec (houses, PSI and 90% of the first address search), and most of the roads of the road network Ostrovetsky district;
-lines are at home in I?ie, improved road network Ivie area;
-corrected Shchuchyn roads in the area;
-corrected Volkovysk roads in the area;
Fixed-road north from Smorgon.
Grodno and Grodno region:
-are drawn Grandichi - Zaritsa (no address);
-dorisovana part of the South (no address);
-are drawn Devyatovka 5 (for the moment all Devyatovka with verified address search and servants passages);
-dorisovan and dovyveren Vishnevets 1,2,3,4,5 as address search and all of the existing yard driveways;
-Improved the most of the area bounded Yanka Kupala - Kletskova - Victory;
District-verified Rumlevo (the entire area bounded Gaya - Kupala - Kletskova - Neman), as address search and all the servants of way;
partially addresses in the private sector in the region Ostrovsky - Mickiewicz;
-change the borders of the city;
-are drawn border border zone;
-the area betrayal of the roads, mainly to the north-west of the city, many roads change from the types, speed limits;
-number of other minor changes including PSI etc.

Gomel Province
Fixed-junction on the highway M5 - exit at Kozlova street in Zhlobine;
R149-fix isolation and N4322;
-added a new bridge across the river Sozh in Gomel change road junctions on both sides.
-minor bug fixes and some added address search on the city of Gomel;
-Added October with the city industrial zone, houses, and finding the streets
-fishermen are drawn to the square in the Zhytkavichy tours Turovsky-bridge, the road network and Turova Zhytkavichy

Year: 2009
Version: 23/12/2009
Platform: Symbian, Windows Mobile, Garmin navigators
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Language: English + Russian
Tabletka: Not required