Media Player Classic v6.4.9.1 Build 20071206 - Newest version of the most powerful Multimedia Player

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Media Player Classic v6.4.9.1 Build 20071206 - Newest version of the most powerful Multimedia Player

Media Player Classic v6.4.9.1 Build 20071206 - Simple & Useful
You Can Play Most Multimedia Formats | 1,5Mb

Media Player Classic is an extremely light-weight media player for Windows. It looks just like Windows Media Player 6.4, but has many additional extra features. MPC has, for instance, a built in DVD player with real-time zoom, support for AVI subtitles, QuickTime and RealVideo support (requires QT and/or Real player); built-in MPEG2/SVCD/DVD codec.
It also supports SVCD/CVD selectable subtitles and lots more. The best part about Media Player Classic is the ability to modify the filters when playing your favorite video files.
What's New in This Release:

· - two pass bicubic shader, bilinear more optimized
· - dropped subtitles are loaded instead of opening them
· as a media file
· - thumbnail image generator
· - dsm demuxer can output individual streams into
· files (context menu -> demux…), the raw data is
· corrected if possible, like subtitles are output
· to srt/ssa/vobsub, frame header added to aac, wave
· header to pcm, etc.
· - better support for quicktime files by the mp4
· splitter, more track types are recognized and also
· reads zlib compressed headers
· - dvd navigator's software dvd region check is disabled
· using the detours lib, there is still a hw region
· check built in the firmware of the drives, unless it
· was flushed with a region free firmware it will still
· not work and may cause strange problems like freezing
· the player
· - the mpeg ts splitter can repack h264 streams in
· "mp4 style" packets for decoders so they won't crash
· (ffdshow, coreavc)
· - "next aspect ratio preset" command
· - yv12/i420 is no longer a disallowed format when
· using "vmr9 (renderless)" as the renderer, holding
· the ctrl key when loading a file will still disable
· it, the current display drivers should not have that
· color conversion bug anymore but just in case…
· - vmr9 (renderless) mixer mode available, it allows
· deinterlacing and other vmr9 features, off by default
· because it is slightly slower
· - Haali's video renderer can be directly selected in
· the options (subtitling works, shaders don't)
· - mpeg decoder sse2 optimizations (most noticable at
· hdtv resolution), optional interlaced output, new
· "field shifter" deinterlacing mode
· - nero's "vobsub" inside mp4 supported
· - clicking another window on a different monitor while
· mpc is playing in fullscreen will not restore it to
· normal size anymore, if another application grabs the
· focus, its name and window title will be displayed on
· the status bar of mpc
· - graph builder of the filter graph manager was rewritten

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