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MetaLAN was designed with one main purpose, to make managing a network of desktops and servers easy. Systems Management Software is often complex to install and can have many dependencies and prerequisites. Our software architecture uses only ubiquitous, inbuilt operating system technologies where possible. The result is that in most cases you will be up and running in 5 minutes or less. Managers and technical staff can spend their time managing clients and infrastructure not the software itself.

Here are some key features of "MetaLAN":

· Agent-less operation
· Monitor health. Quickly check performance and ascertain if there is a problem with a computer or server
· Monitor processes. View processes on remote computers Monitor CPU/Memory/IO/Owner of individual processes and allow processes to be started and killed
· Shutdown or Reboot groups of computers
· Wake On LAN (WOL). Wake groups of computers
· Deploy software to groups of computers (MSI or EXE based installers)
· WMI query from a computers WMI database. Get information not available anywhere else like RAM slot usage and much more
· Reporting for global OS, hardware and software installations and configurations
· Easy export of data to standard portable CSV format
· Save reports to HTML for portability and easy presentation
· Software Tool for finding all installs of particular software on the network
· Enquire from and conditionally modify node registries real-time
· Install monolithic services on groups of computers
· Run as a standalone application or use MetaLAN Server for consolidated data collection and storage


OS : Windows 7, Windows Vista, Server 2012, Server 2008 R1/R2, 2003, XP, 32bit and 64bit supported
Language : English

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