Microcat Hyundai 07-08.2010

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Microcat Hyundai 07-08.2010

Microcat Hyundai 07-08.2010 | 5.29 GB

Electronic parts catalog Hyundai. Of all models produced and / or unreleased Hyundai Motor Company, except for vehicles intended for vnutrikoreyskogo market (eg, Starex), models are divided into groups (cars, SUVs / minivans / vans, commercial) and by region. In the catalog of possible identification of the vehicle by VIN (with filtering part numbers), the search for the name of spare parts (partial or complete), the original number, and also shows the applicability of parts. There is a list of options with details to make the selection of the right numbers in the absence of VIN-filter.
Language is possible separately for the program interface, and separately for the names of spare parts.

Translated titles of spare parts are not always correct, so it is configured to include "language titles spare" - english. Built-in directory of original accessories, was present in some of the previous versions, is absent here.

CAUTION The accompanying tablet provides only the regions EUR and GEN, the rest is not visible (although during the installation they are written on the hard drive). Also note that it (the pill) conflicts with other similar emulators (Kia, Ford, landrover).

Year / Release Date: 2010/07
Version: 2010.7.0.2
Developed by: Infomedia Ltd
Language: Multilingual
Medicine: Yes