Minute-2-Minute v2.2.021

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Minute-2-Minute v2.2.021

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The Minute-2-Minute application was designed to be a comprehensive timing and billing software for Microsoft Windows that makes tracking of computer-based projects easy. The enhanced billing options, including flat-rate, variable-rate, and overtime accounting allow the generation of accurate billing statements to clients in a matter of seconds. Minute-2-Minute's Auto-Trak feature allows the computer to track task timing, and time records can also be edited manually as needed.

M-2-M supports tasks on a project level. A separate project is created for each client or task, and switching from one project to another is quick and easy. Timing of projects includes the ability to pause and resume. Minute-2-Minute offers various options for timing, statements, expenses, and reports.

Despite common belief, most computers have a difficult time with time. Specifically, keeping any computer's clock accurate to the second is almost impossible. This variation in time is due to the many tasks the computer must perform, and a severe timing discrepancy presents potential problems for any program that deals with hours, minutes, and seconds. Minute-2-Minute is no different.

For this reason, M-2-M avoids the use of the computer's clock when timing projects with Auto-Trak. Instead, it uses an extremely accurate internal timer that is independent of the computer clock, in effect creating its own timing system. Even with this enhanced ability, the timing of projects can suffer slightly in accuracy, up to a variation of two seconds per hour. This variation is negligible for all practical purposes, but was a cause for intense experimentation during the development of Minute-2-Minute.

For modern computers (operating at 600 mhz or greater), M-2-M's Auto-Trak timing routines should prove to be extremely accurate. This performance might be impacted when running multiple programs (eight or more) simultaneously, but our testing suggests such instances will be extremely rare.