Nattress Shatter 1.0.0

Nattress Shatter 1.0.0

Nattress Shatter 1.0.0 | Mac Os X | 21.4 MB

The Nattress Shatter Transitions can create many dynamic transitions all based on either breaking apart the outgoing video or bringing together the incoming video. The Shake N Shatter transition combines the shatter effect with a shaking effect, while the Shatter Basic transition is just the shatter effect. Shatter Basic will render faster than Shake N Shatter. The transitions use a ‘Shatter Map‘ image to drive the effect. Several different styles of ‘Shatter Maps‘ are included which can create a range of effects, including earthquake cracks, shooting stars, snowflakes falling, brick wall stacking itself, puzzle pieces coming together and more. There is also the option of using your own, imported ‘Shatter Map‘ to create a custom transition.

Package consists of:
Shake N Shatter
Shatter Basic

Nattress Shatter Transitions comes with 20 presets to quickly create many different types of effects. However, the Presets Loader feature is not supported in FCPX.