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NomadFactory Studio Channel SC-226 VST RTAS v1.3

Posted By: egent006
NomadFactory Studio Channel SC-226 VST RTAS v1.3

NomadFactory Studio Channel SC-226 VST RTAS 1.3 | 6.9 MB

The Nomad Factory Studio Channel SC-226 is a stereo channel recording plug-in, featuring four band equalizer, an analog "signature" optical compressor and at the heart of the shelving and bell filters, a tube simulator and Brick-Wall peak limiter designed to reproduce the warmth of vintage recordings with unrivaled quality and realism. The Studio channel is tube style virtual equalizer / compressor. It is equally suited for delicate vocal as well as dynamic instrument recordings such as lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and horns. The algorithm was designed to emulate the response of a high-end vintage analog equalizer/compressor. The Studio channel plug-in is available in RTAS, VST and AudioUnit format for MAC OSX and Windows XP/Vista32. Exceptional for tracking, mixing or mastering, the Studio channel recreates the warm sound qualities of its analog hardware ancestors