ORPALIS PDF Reducer 3.1.20 Professional

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ORPALIS PDF Reducer 3.1.20 Professional

ORPALIS PDF Reducer 3.1.20 Professional | 33.4 Mb

Powerful tool meant to help anyone to get PDF files reduced to the minimum possible size. For developers and end users. Provides different innovative and highly sophisticated size-reducing techniques.

Need smaller PDFs for file storage, file sharing or fast web view purposes?
- Use ORPALIS PDF Reducer to select either individual files or entire folders to minimize the size of your PDFs and images.
- Make web publishing of PDFs a snap allowing fast web view or just save time when sending them via internet.
- And get everything done really fast!


PDF Reducer includes powerful, innovative and sophisticated features developed by worldwide recognized experts in document imaging.

ORPALIS PDF Reducer is a super fast and powerful PDF compression Software for general public and developers meant to help anyone to get existing PDF files reduced up to 80% more than concurrent products.

Unrivaled lossless data re-compression

Innovative and highly sophisticated techniques which restructure existing content and apply the most effective compression scheme based on data type. Documents are printable and zoomable without loss of quality.
PDF Reducer is able to serialize several compression algorithms on images in order to (surpass) the limitations of some compression schemes.

Remove unwanted or unused objects

You might have received PDFs containing additional, unwanted objects: let PDF Reducer remove them for you.

Automatic color detection and layout analysis

Usually, scanning batches of papers under scanner's color-mode implies mixing together colored and B&W documents. PDF Reducer automatically identifies the B&W ones and encodes them as plain B&W thus dramatically reducing the file size.

Raster images re-sampling and re-composing

Decrease un-necessary high resolution to dramatically reduce the file size whitout affecting the viewing experience.

Content segmentation and optimal compression

Segments embedded images, separates text, finds similar bitmap sections and makes optimized recompression.

Fast web view support (linearization)

Add to your large PDFs the ability of being viewable for web-users even before the PDF file download is complete.

Input file formats

With PDF Reducer version 3 you can downsize a large variety of images and documents. Nearly 100 input files formats are now available besides PDF, including raster images formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, JPEG 2000 and RAW camera formats.

Multi-threading support
Pro Edition

Executes PDF processing via multiple, simultaneous and concurrent threads, decreasing processing time by using CPU resources most efficiently.

Command line interface support
Pro Edition

Automate PDF processing with commands without needing repetitive actions control via the GUI (graphic user interface).

Unlimited batch processing fully available in Pro Edition, segmented in Free Edition

Executes PDF processing via multiple, simultaneous and concurrent threads, decreasing processing time by using CPU resources most efficiently.

Drag'n drop support

Do it fast, don't mind Windows Explorer.

Language & Interface

Default user interface language in ORPALIS PDF Reducer is English. Based on your Windows language settings, ORPALIS PDF Reducer automatically displays the localised version of the interface, if it exists among ORPALIS PDF Reducer translated interface versions. Currently, available languages for ORPALIS PDF Reducer interface are: English, French and Romanian.

Home Page- http://www.orpalis.com/

Language: English

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