Onspeed v6.0.9 b214

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Onspeed v6.0.9 b214

Onspeed v6.0.9 b214 | 2.68 Mb

How does ONSPEED work. As you cannot physically change the speed of your Internet connection, ONSPEED uses a technology called Content Sensitive Compression ('CSC') to individually compress each element of a web page or email using various compression algorithms based on a patent approved proprietary technology. The end result is that your web pages and emails (PC only) load and download faster using your existing Internet connection.

When your web browser requests a web page, the ONSPEED software redirects that request to the ONSPEED compression servers. They take the respective web page content, compress it and send it back down to the ONSPEED software which decompresses it and sends it to the browser requesting the information.

ONSPEED offers a unique, patented technology called “Advanced Imaging”, enabling you to receive fully viewable and instantly usable web pages, while maintaining the maximum quality of images. Advanced Imaging delivers all images on a page simultaneously. You continue to browse web pages while images are being progressively loaded. Image quality progressively improves until images have reached lossless quality.

ONSPEED’s dedicated algorithms compress the following elements:

HTML objects
Photo-realistic images (e.g. Compressed and uncompressed JPEG, PNG, Compressed and uncompressed GIF, and BMP)
Line art and drawings (e.g. GIF, BMP)
Animated objects (GIF)
Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Macromedia Flash

If a web page or email contains information that is not covered by a dedicated algorithm, ONSPEED will apply a generic compression algorithm to that data element

ONSPEED is a quick and easy software download that significantly increases the speed of any Internet connection, anywhere in the world.
Using a unique and patented compression technology, ONSPEED increases Dial-up speeds by up to 10 times; Broadband by up to 5 times and Mobile connections (via GPRS/3G) by up to 8 times.
Is easy to install for PC and Mac; no need for new hardware
Works with your existing Internet connection (Dial-up, Broadband or Mobile connection) and your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Can be used with any Internet connection in any country
Is used by over 500,000 satisfied customers throughout the world