OverTone DSP EQ500 v1.0.0

Posted By: longnote
OverTone DSP EQ500 v1.0.0

OverTone DSP EQ500 v1.0.0 | 2.2 MB

Styled as a virtual API-500 format module, the EQ500 provides adjustable high and low frequency shelves and a versatile mid-range parametric EQ. Designed as a high quality 'one in every channel' EQ for Digital Audio Workstations, the EQ500 can be used in mono or stereo channels and is economical with CPU resources and screen real-estate.


Three band parametric EQ

Adjustable HF and LF shelves and fully adjustable mid-range parametric.

CPU efficient, high quality DSP
The EQ500 perfectly complements the DYN500 as part of an efficient high quality 'one in every channel' processing solution for DAWs.

Physical Control Weighting
Replicates the 'feel' as well as the look of high quality rotary controls.

DPI-aware GUI
Automatically upscales for system settings above 96dpi, improving usability on a wide range of different screen sizes and resolutions.

Compact UI
Designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as a traditional analogue console EQ, without adding unnecessary on-screen clutter.