Pitney Bowes Encom Discover 2012.0.2 Build 210

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Pitney Bowes Encom Discover 2012.0.2 Build 210

Pitney Bowes Encom Discover 2012.0.2 Build 210 | 722 MB

Since its first release in 1994 as the premier GIS package for geoscientists, Encom Discover with MapInfo Professional has maintained the mantle of GIS of choice for Natural Resources businesses.

Developed by a dedicated team of practicing geoscientists and software engineers with skills in geology, geophysics, groundwater, petroleum, coal, gas and engineering, Encom Discover integrates data from multiple sources, in a unified geospatial environment, and provides specialists with leading-edge tools in a powerful, yet easy-to-use, framework.
More than in any other industry, Natural Resources businesses rely on their technical data to successfully locate, evaluate, and develop their primary assets. And they spend a lot of money to acquire this business-critical data. So make sure that you get the full value from your investment by using the right software!

Encom Disovers Features Allow Users To:
- Build geological datasets
- Produce high-quality scaled geological maps, with titleblocks, map grids, legends, structural symbols, etc
- Compile drillhole data and create cross-sections, plans and logs
- Create, filter, contour, profile, manipulate, colour and analyse gridded surfaces
- Analyse and visualise geochemical data
- Rectify unprojected raster images
- Create graphs with maintained spatial links for interactive analysis
- Enhance your GIS productivity via an extensive range of data, object, table and map windows utilities
- Connect to other geological systems, databases and file formats
- Control the MapInfo Professional workspace with a real-time, enhanced layer control
- Produce exploration tenement applications (Australia only)
- Optionally display your GIS data in 3D (Discover 3D)
- Integrate with a field GIS (Discover Mobile)


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