Paessler IPCheck Server Monitor 5.4.1 Build 856

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Paessler IPCheck Server Monitor 5.4.1 Build 856

Paessler IPCheck Server Monitor 5.4.1 Build 856 - Website and Network Monitoring
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IPCheck Server Monitor 5.4.1 Build 856 - constantly watches all your servers and notifies your staff when outages occur. Also all performance data gathered during monitoring can later be viewed and analyzed. To check as many aspects of a network server as possible IPCheck Server Monitor offers several sensors types.

Depending on the edition unlimited servers and unlimited sensors can be monitored (limited by hardware/network only):
• PING Sensor: The most basic monitoring is done using the PING sensor which simply checks if the server answers to a PING request.
• PORT Sensor: This is the next basic monitoring type: IPCheck Server Monitor tries to connect to the specific port on the server and the test passes if the server accepts the request at all. Using this method virtually any type of internet service regardless of the protocol can be monitored. For a web server select port 80, for a SMTP server select port 25 etc.
• HTTP/HTTPS Sensor: This application level sensor sends a request according to the HTTP 1.0 protocol to the server and optionally analyzes the results. HTTP/HTTPS Sensor - Advanced Settings: You can optionally instruct IPCheck Server Monitor to analyze the resulting data of HTTP requests. Enter one string that the HTML must include (e.g.) and one string that may not be included (HTML my not incl.) (e.g. error). As soon as either of the conditions is not met, the server is considered to be down. To monitor changes in a webpage IPCheck Server Monitor compares the resulting HTML of every request against the code it got from the request before.
• SMTP Sensor: Also an application level sensor the SMTP sensor connects to the mail server according to the SMTP protocol.
• POP3 Sensor: This sensor tests whether a specific mailbox is accessible on the server.
• FTP Sensor: Use this sensor type to test the availability of FTP servers.
• DNS Sensor: Using a DNS sensor you can be sure that a specific domain name can be resolved by a DNS server.

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