Philips ProTECH DST Encoder 4.0.3

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Philips ProTECH DST Encoder 4.0.3

Philips ProTECH DST Encoder 4.0.3 | 3.17 MB

This Windows application allows you to perform quality and high speed encoding of uncompressed DSD files into DST-encoded DSD files. Useful for authoring SACD or losslessly compressing and storing your DSD music collection. (hehe…I know these things are not common things right now but they WILL be, people! Just watch this space! Or somewhere on the internets :O…..)

DST encoding is the lossless data packing process that optimizes the use of the available space on Super Audio CDs. This compression process is needed for stereo and multi-channel DSDIFF files.
The DST Encoder application supports:
• Fast DST encoding of 2-, 5- and 6-channel DSD masters
• User-selectable encoding strategies for maximising the compression ratio
• Visual feedback of the current and average DST compression ratio during the encoding process
• Optional generation of a CRC for the encoded DSDIFF file

DOWNLOAD (fresh link, 2013, I hope bayfiles keeps files for a good amount of time) (no password)