Portable Borland Delphi Professional Second Edition v7.2

Posted By: Atalay

Portable Borland Delphi Professional Second Edition v7.2 | 72 Mb

This week Borland has let the beast out. New version the best multi-platform RAD environment has been released. Delphi has a new name: Borland Delphi 7 Studio.
Borland Delphi 7 Studio is designed to be #1 independent path to Microsoft .Net. Borland Delphi 7 Studio enables developers to design applications for numerous Windows platforms, including Win 95, Win 98 and Win 2000, in addition to .Net, as well as for the Linux platform using Kylix.

Delphi 7 Studio now comes in four different editions:
# Architect - Delivers fully integrated technologies for increased productivity and equips developers for the path to Microsoft .NET with the included Delphi 7 Studio migration kit. Price (new user) ~ $3,499.00

# Enterprise - Use ModelMaker visual modeling based on UML™ technology to develop your applications efficiently, and add interactive content to Web sites by visually building dynamic server-side HTML Web applications. Price (new user) ~ $2,999.00

# Professional - Use one code base to leverage the power of cross-platform development for Linux with the included Borland Kylix 3 for Delphi environment. Price (new user) ~ $999.00

# Personal - Designed to help you create high-performance, noncommercial applications - and program your first application quickly and easily. As with Delphi 6, Personal edition of Delphi 7 will be available for free at

Of course, every "bigger" version includes all the features of the "smaller" one.

New features
At last, Delphi 7 Studio includes Kylix (version 3), to enable developers to take their applications cross-platform to Linux.
New features range from support for the UML in the Arhitect version, to rapid and visuall building dynamic server-side HTML Web applications inside the Enterprise version. Delphi 7 is armed with several major changes in the following areas: IDE, Web technology, COM, Database technology, Component library, Runtime library, Compiler… Delphi 7 also ships with Rave Reports (report generating engine) and ModelMaker (modeling/case tool).
Delphi 7 supports Windows XP Themes environments: now you can enable the VCL of Delphi 7 Studio applications to support the enhanced look of Windows XP Themes. Further more, top three editions enable you to create and consume Web Services applications.

To read more about the features in Delphi 7, read the FAQ, the Feature Matrix, and What's New.

Stay tuned…
As soon as we get the new Borland Delphi 7 Studio for a review, you'll be the first to find more about all the new and interesting characteristic of Delphi 7.