Portable phpDesigner 2008 6.0.0 by aGa

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Portable phpDesigner 2008 6.0.0 by aGa

Portable phpDesigner 2008 6.0.0 by aGa | 18 mb

phpDesigner 2008 is today's complete integrated development environment for PHP for both beginners and professional developers that help you boost the process of editing, analyzing, debugging and publishing applications and websites powered by PHP and other web languages! Designed to boost your productivity and simplify complex coding projects through intelligent set of editing tools that includes full support for PHP4/PHP5, syntax highlighters, highlighting of matching tags/braces and numerous tools and wizards to speed of your development!

In phpDesigner 2008 you can work with object oriented (OO) programming in PHP5, nested code completion and have code tip displayed as you type so you do not need to look into documentation to see classes and function attributes!

The intelligent syntax highlighter in phpDesigner 2008 makes it the ideal development environment for AJAX developers. Automatic switch between syntax highlighters for PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript dependant on your position in the file and dim the rest of the code!

phpDesigner 2008 has the WAMP and LAMP developer in mind. The strength in PHP lies in the ability to embed it into- and together with other web-languages and technologies. Therefore, does phpDesigner 2008 not only support PHP but also other web-languages as HTML, XHTML, MySQL, XML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, Java, C#, Perl, Python and Ruby!

In phpDesigner 2008 you can work with projects and integrate any PHP framework into your project and access all your files, classes, functions, interfaces, variables and constants declared in your project on the fly!

Debugging has newer been easier with the new integration of Xdebug in phpDesigner 2008. Analyze your code step by step using breakpoints, watches, evaluations etc. Find bottlenecks in your code or see which parts of your code are slow and could use a speed boost with with the profiler support!

The philosophy behind phpDesigner 2008 is to make it, enjoyable to use for hours and hours for both beginners and professional developers through an easy-to-use-, intuitive-, customizable- and tabbed interface!