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Powered Keylogger v2.2.1.1920

Posted By: woomera
Powered Keylogger v2.2.1.1920

Powered Keylogger v2.2.1.1920 | 1.3MB

Powered Keylogger is a driver-based security solution that secretly monitors and captures all keystrokes, mouse clicks, passwords, visited web-pages and launched applications; tracks received and sent e-mails and lots more. It even takes screenshots of the computer activity! Not a single click can be hidden from Powered Keylogger.

There are many ways you can collect the logs not even touching the monitored PC. Powered Keylogger is able to send them to any e-mail address (specified by you during the installation), leaving its e-mail activity invisible. The logs can be cleared after sending. Or, Powered Keylogger can flush the logs to USB Flash Drive. Firstly you will prepare the drive so our Keylogger will identify it. And then every time you plug in this drive, the logs will be automatically flushed to it. The whole process of collecting/flushing the logs is absolutely untraceable which guarantees that the person who has been monitored won't notice anyting at all.