Process 3.0.10

Process 3.0.10

Process 3.0.10 | Mac Os X | 5.7 MB

As easy on the eyes as it is to use, Process 3 gives you the freedom you need to be creative and the flexible framework you need to get things done—all from one versatile window. Brainstorm. Organize. Schedule. Plan. Coordinate. Collaborate.

Easy - to - use

The Process 3 all-in-one-window interface was kept clean, simple and intuitive to maximize speed, convenience and flexibility. Beneath the utilitarian toolbar you find five distinct but functionally-interlocked panes that give you full control over all your projects and all the elements needed to accomplish each phase.
Smart Projects

Smart Projects does for your tasks what Smart Playlists did for your tunes. Based on the search criteria that you define, your Smart Projects will give you the answers you want and keep them up to date through the power of Spotlight technology.
Resources at your fingertips

Websites, text documents, photos, movies, music, applications, whatever—as many resources as you need can be linked or attached to each of your project outline items. Every time you click on a particular item, the icons of all the resources that you have harnessed to it will appear instantly in the Source panel which strategically separates your project item listing from the lower Notes/Source View pane where you can display resources and do your work.


Process 3 gives you Shared Project capability. Simply select the target project and choose File menu>Share. Presto! Your project—and all its resources—are instantly shared with all the Macs on your network and clearly identified with a small shared icon. Everyone on the network can collaborate on the project and even Source documents.
Archive, Backup, Calendar

Now you can back up your entire Process database to .Mac. Process's new core engine assures seamless synchronization with iCal calendar start dates, due dates and alarms. Moreover Process 3 allows you to keep your completed items and to work or just to pass it over again in the future. Items labeled as “done” will automatically be placed in the Archive folder.