Projector 1.0

Posted By: agam3rs
Projector 1.0

Projector v1.0 | Software | iPhone | 1.2MB

Projector is an application designed to help you to choose the suitable video projector for your living room.

You enter the focal length and change the projection distance or the base of the screen to leave the application calculates all the other data (distance, height, diagonal, basis, focal length, etc…).
Thus you have all the necessary information for setting up your installation but also to purchase the adequate equipment (projection screen and video projector).
It will help you to know if the projector you are interested in will be well installed and also what size of screen you can get.
You will also know if you want the height and width of an LCD or a Plasma screen using its diagonal.
You can configure the type of the screen with 16/9 or 4/3 and change measure for inches or centimeters