Portable RealWorld Icon Editor 2008.1

Posted By: Tixon
Portable RealWorld Icon Editor 2008.1

Portable RealWorld Icon Editor 2008.1 | English | 17.44Mb

An icon editor with unique 3D functions, supporting all Windows and Mac icon formats. Convert images to icons in batch, apply Photoshop-compatible filters, manage icon libraries, and much more... This version introduces support for icon libraries (.icl files) and a completely redesigned raster image editor with arbitrary selections, sub-pixel precision for shape coordinates, tablet pressure support, mouse gestures, and modern look and feel. Another notable feature is the ability to store created files in database and attach tags to these files. Application help is now web based. Support for older Windows systems was dropped. The new version is fully supported on Windows XP and Vista and works with minor limitations on Windows 2000. Native 64-bit edition is available.

New features:
Raster editor related

* Image masks (selections) - create and modify selection using tools. Selection is used by image filters, either native or Adobe Photoshop-compatible filters.
* Arbitrary editor zoom - raster editor displays image using non-integral zoom factors.
* Mouse gestures - mouse gestures can be used to run filters, change active tool, fill style or draw mode, undo, redo, apply, etc.
* Tool presets - tool+fill style+drawing mode+active colors can be stored as a named preset.
* Powerful scripting - scripting capabilities enhanced. Adjust RGB, add border, motion blur, bevel and other filters are using scripting and are still fast.
* New image filters - soft glow, blur (arbitrary radius), remove details, watermark, auto-contrast filters.
* New tools - new tools for cloning, retouching, cropping, painting with brush (includes tablet pressure support).
* Updated old tools - transformation tool can rotate and apply perspective, flood-fill has multiple matching modes.
* Sub-pixel precision for tools - coordinates need not to be integral.
* Control handles for many tools - after drawing a shape, control handles can be used to further modify it (only possible for the last drawn shape).
* Fill styles - shapes can be filled with patterns and configurable gradients.
* Color swatches - add standard or currently used colors, save and load swatches.
* Capture desktop wizard - create new documents by capturing entire desktop, then create icon from selected part.
* Extensibility - drawing tools and fill styles are plug-ins.

* Mac OS Leopard icon format - edit 512x512 pixels icons.
* Export to all .bmp flavors - export 4-bit or 8-bit RLE compressed .bmps, optionally with dithering.
* Tooltips for dragged files - when dragging files from Explorer to RWIE, a tooltip informs you what will happen after drop (>10 different actions available).
* Tooltips for dialog controls - context help for dialog controls is available as tooltips (can be turned off in options).
* Batch mode enhancements - new op: extract icons from all dropped files. 2 custom operations instead of one + ability to export and import the custom ops.
* Icon libraries (.icl) - open/save/add icon/remove icon/modify icon/export icon + scripting ability for your own custom actions.
* Thumbnails for recent files - more recent files and much nicer user inteface for opening them.
* Tagged storage - ability to store files in database and attach tags to them. The built-in media library is available through the tagged storage.
* Keyboard control for 3D editor - arrow keys (+SHIFT or CTRL) and PageUp, PageDown move selected grip points in space.
* Using Segoe font in application windows on Vista.

Fixed errors
* Improved compatibility for Adobe Photoshop filters.
* Save icon in Mac format does not fail on the first attempt to do so.
* Numerous minor bugfixes…