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Region Map Generator 2.0.1

Posted By: arungupta
Region Map Generator 2.0.1

Region Map Generator 2.0.1 | 2.14 mb

Region Map Generator is a tool to make region map with self-definition color. The original maps in the software are blank political region ones for different countries or areas. You can color any region with whatever color as you like. By this software, you can easily make lively maps. These maps can be used as data analysis charts, teaching materials, business chart, web picture and so on. The only thing you need to do is to make the maps more beautiful than what you have looked.

- Various map library: Region maps for different countries and areas.
- City map library: Maps with major cities.
- Easy operation: Two kinds of operation mode are provided. One is to color related region directly. The other is to automatically fill with gradient color based on data.
- Various image size: Form 500*350 to 2000*1400
- Compatibility: The image is save as *.bmp format.

Region Maps:
Now maps of the following countries or areas are included in the library.
Africa, Asia, Europe, South American, Middle-East, South East Asia
Argentine, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

City Maps:
Now major cities maps of the following countries or areas are included in the library.
France, Italy


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