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Road Estimator 9.00.03

Posted By: scutter
Road Estimator 9.00.03

Road Estimator 9.00.03 | 210.0 mb

The Infycons development team is pleased to announce the availability of Road Estimator 9.00.03 is widely used software that eases the process of creating cross-section and quantity calculation of road works. With unlimited road template and road related feature definition, the software is used for expressways, national highways, ODR & any kind of road construction.

Faster Drawing engine
Road Estimator 6.0 boasts of a much powerful and enhanced core drawing engine which means your outputs are generated much faster than was earlier required. Saving a project and opening the project takes lesser amount of time and taking outputs is also much quicker. We have overhauled the internal drawing engine and memory management completely to achieve this.
Most recently used road estimator project files are now listed in the file menu for easy access and opening and upto last 9 open projects are listed.
New from Template
Now you can have a quick start when you begin your project with the new option for New from Template wizard. You can browse through various types of cross section templates for road and airport project. Once you select a template a blank project is created for you with all the pavement layers definitions, display settings, template settings, element settings & all you have to do is get your original & design data into the project and your cross section will be ready. You also have the option to save a road estimator project file as a template file which can be re‐used later.
In the uneventful situation where you were working on a project and there system failure, do not panic from now on. With the Auto‐recovery option of Road Estimator 6.0 you can get your project back and continue as if nothing has happened. You can customize your settings for auto save time so that Road Estimator keeps backing up your project as you work. Use command AST to change your auto save timings.
Slide Show
To enhance user experience and browse through various cross sections a new ‘Play and Pause’ option tool has been added in the main screen. This tool is extremely useful to review lot of chainages easily. Once Play option is used, cross section view is shown as slide show. You can Pause the slide show and perform changes and again continue from the same position.
Dynamic Re­calculation
When changes were made in design or OGL which may include toe modification, pavement layer changes or any other operation with elements, a complete re‐processing of data was necessary to view the changes and update the quantities accordingly. This is a thing of past with the new feature for Dynamic Update of drawing in Road Estimator 6.0. Now you can see your changes immediately with immediate calculation of toe, application of pavement layers & elements etc.
Multi Sheet Cross­Section View
To enhance & speed up the overall delivery time from concept to finish, Multi sheet cross‐section view option is added. This feature gives you greater control on output generation. With this feature, sheet template can be fixed and layout editing can be done in a single view. You can easily print all the sheets

Road Estimator 9.00.03

or save the sheets in other drawing formats with a just a single click of button. It also gives you flexibility to print number of copies & perform gray scale printing automatically. From now on, you do not have to spend your valuable time printing your cross sections as Road Estimator 6.0 will do it remotely & silently.

Enhancement in OGL sheet

Paste Un‐limited data from ExcelTM to OGL Sheet: In earlier versions of Road Estimator when you copied more than 16K rows of data and pasted it in Road Estimator, data upto only 16K rows were only pasted. So there was only one way to get this data in project, using file import option. With Road Estimator 6.0 this is a thing of past. Using Ctrl+Shift+V to paste the data and all rows copied from ExcelTM will be pasted in Road Estimator’s OGL sheet.
Filter OGL Data based on chainage: It is sometimes necessary to have only data for chainage which fall in a particular interval. With the new Filter option in OGL screen, you can simply specify the interval at which data is required and road estimator will keep only the data falling in specified interval and remove the rest.
Selective chainage: It is sometimes necessary to keep data for selective chainages. With the new option for selective chainage you can just enter the chainages required and the rest of the OGL not corresponding to chainages mentioned will be removed automatically. Use Ctrl+F11 key to activate this option in OGL screen.

Height based scarification
There are situations when scarification is performed only if the design level and original ground level difference exceeds a certain height. Up till now there was no easy way out and we needed to identify the hainages where height difference criteria matches and used to scarif individual chainages

Road Estimator 9.00.03

Now a new feature has been added in Scarification screen: Conditional scarification which takes into account the height difference criteria automatically and scarifies only those chainages which meet this criterion.
Mass Haul Diagram
To enhance your analysis experience, mass haul diagram has been added as a standard feature in Road Estimator 6.0. Mass hauls can be generated as per your user defined specification of reference quantity.

Road Estimator 9.00.03

The report and diagram can be directly printed or saved to other formats. You can also add additional comments, tags, progress status in the diagram.
Single Side Slope
In Road Estimator Side Slope definition has various options such as berm condition based on height, berm top slope etc. which can be applied to individual chainages. In certain case, such definitions are not necessary as single side slope is used. To simplify the process, a new feature to define slope directly for corresponding chainage has been added in Road Estimator 6.0. With this feature you can directly enter slope value with prefix #.
Crossing such as culvert, bridge, intersections have different way of quantification and should not be included in general road quantities. They can now be easily accommodated in report generation for quantities. This saves a lot of time in removing the quantities individually for specific chainages and re‐ calculation for corresponding chainages are done automatically.
Active Depth Display
You can easily track the difference in level between selected lines in cross section and longitudinal profile with the new feature for active depth display. This tool is very useful for cross checking, design verification, compensation for quantities and other analysis. This is a dynamic tool which displays the level difference as you move your cursor along the lines. Use command ADP to use this feature.

Road Estimator 9.00.03

Active change in FRL & Side Slope
Like OGL now active change option has been extended to FRL & Side Slopes. So you can simply drag FRL location or toe location and change on screen. Combined with the active change option these changes are reflected immediately on your screen

Road Estimator 9.00.03

Road Estimator is the most trusted software that gives road contractors, consultants and other stakeholders a unique edge for estimation efficiency. It is a complete software for road cross section and quantity calculation of new roads and upgrade cases where widening & strengthening of existing roads have to be undertaken. Whether it is expressways, national highways, urban, village or any kind of roads, design or site level alterations can be incorporated quickly without time overruns.

Single-lane or multi-lane with or without service roads and pavement consisting of sub-base layer, base layers & surface layer without any limitation on number of layers or materials.

While improving safety of roads for increased vehicular traffic, technical challenges involved in road widening & repairing can be easily accommodated in Road Estimator for quantification, be it soil replacement, change in cross slopes or super-elevation or introduction of new pavement layers and drains.

Road Estimator automatically detects various road overlay conditions to calculate profile corrective course for strengthening of existing road.

Road Estimator Tutorial: Basic & Advanced | How to Make Road Cross section

In this video I gave a basic tutorial on Road Estimator Software, I have shown how to make road cross section in Road Estimator.
Infycons is a dedicated group of engineers and software professionals. We develop and market quality software products for the engineering field and provide state of art solutions in the field of GIS, engineering a graphical application. Our software is used not only for conventional tasks, but also in highly specialized fields. Regardless of the scale of work, we have consistently set the standard for integrating reliability of use. Behind this reputation about us, lies a comprehensive approach to product design, development, and implementation. The culture at Infycons is research oriented and driven by industry needs.

Product: Road Estimator
Version: 9.00.03
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : https://infycons.com/
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 210.0 mb

Road Estimator 9.00.03

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Road Estimator 9.00.03