SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro v4.1.28.1

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SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro v4.1.28.1

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro v4.1.28.1 | 31.5 MB

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro - the program from the Japanese developers for editing, processing and converting digital images in various formats. The program has a lot of professional opportunities and allows qualitatively converts files in RAW format. With this powerful tool you can solve many problems associated with the RAW conversion in difference formats and discover a whole new world of digital photography. The program will help you set the color balance, hue, saturation, brightness and contrast, show EXIF information to the selected photographs, will it converted to various image formats and much more.
SILKYPIX Developer Studio has been designed specifically for profeesionalnyh users and photographers who need high-quality and powerful tool for converting RAW files. For beginners the program has preset the settings which help you quickly edit the photos for a given pattern. The program supports more than 120 digital cameras, and can work with JPG and TIFF files from any external and internal sources.

• non-destructive image editing
• Exposure control your image
• Manage white balance and saturation konstrastom image
• Correction of optical distortion
• Rotation of the image and correction display
• Crop (trimmed) and sharpening images
• Saving in JPG for a document or web page and in the TIFF format for editing in a graphics editor
• Printing images

Benefits for RAW files:
• white balance
• Increase dynamic range while working with a higher depth image
• Improved control of exposure
• Solving the problems of noise in the original image
• Better sharpening in the original image
• Optimized file size output
• Unlimited number of changes in the original image
• Excellent flexibility when working with images
• Preservation of the sources to the output
• Fast image processing

New Features Included in v4.1.28.1:
* Spot Removal Tool
* Automatic Dodging
* Watermark Feature
* JPEG / TIFF Corresponding Color Space
* Improved Cropping Control Panel
* Editing of IPTC Properties
* History Management
* Printer Profiles and Options
* Improved Batch Processing
* Multi-CPU Support
* Improved Shortcut Keys

Screen shot:
SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro v4.1.28.1

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro v4.1.28.1

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