Serious Magic Ultra 2 v2.0.2271.0 (RIP)

Posted By: woomera
Serious Magic Ultra 2 v2.0.2271.0 (RIP)

Serious Magic Ultra 2 v2.0.2271.0 (RIP) | 47.8 MB

ULTRA 2's Vector Keying™ technology blows away the primitive keyer built into your video editing software. Now shots that used to be impossible to key—uneven lighting, wrinkled backgrounds and frizzy hair—can be finished in minutes. ULTRA 2 will even preserve the shadows of your talent and achieve complex keys such as smoke, liquids and transparent objects with minimal effort. It's simply remarkable.

ULTRA 2 puts high-end virtual sets within reach. ULTRA 2's Master Sets Libraries go beyond typical static shots and include breathtaking flying camera shots, moving stages, boom and dolly moves. Sets include multiple B-source options and camera angles in tight, medium and wide views. These libraries, sold separately, can be used seamlessly in ULTRA 2.


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