Siemens NX 1867.4400

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Siemens NX 1867.4400

Siemens NX 1867.4400 | 12.9 Gb

The Siemens PLM Software team has launched the last critical maintenance fix for NX 1867 Series. This continuous release brings significant new and enhanced functionality in all areas of the product and also delivers enhancements that enable you to increase your productivity in product development and manufacturing while working in a collaborative managed environment.

NX 1867 Series Monthly Update - August 2019

We are proud to introduce the latest release of our product development solution. With this release, we continue to provide innovative ways to deliver solutions that meet the next generation of your product design, development, and manufacturing challenges. The new version of NX is robust and powerful, and it delivers advanced technologies for product design, development, and manufacturing in a single, multidisciplinary platform. It preserves best-in-class customer deployment readiness, and builds on the productivity and stability achievements of the previous release.

1867.44,8345593,Dynamic Tool Axis Problem with Machine Model
1867.44,8387207,Bumper pendulum placed at wrong contact point
1867.44,8411499,Generation of NX JT files using Dispatcher nxtransdirect translator have issues
1867.44,8412009,VR Flexible parts are shown incorrectly
1867.44,8413740,Parallel Generate doesnt work in MENCMachining item type with mandatory attr
1867.44,8420160,nx 11.0.1 mp2 .fem file cannot be opened in nx 12.0.x or later versions…
1867.44,8420221,an .afm file takes a long time to display in nx 1847 (cf nx 11.0.2/12.0.2)…
1867.44,9310823,Radial Dimension - H7 elevated when combined with Format Fit with Tolerances
1867.44,9318727,Display in VR is different than NX.
1867.44,9324086,NX terminates after error 731047 on master sketch and drawing update
1867.44,9326196,FBM - first run of Create Feature Process has bad performance
1867.44,9341315,Behavior of the drawing update since NX12 is different to NX10
1867.44,9354809,Drawing and layout belong to different parts or do not belong to the root part
1867.44,9358364,Copy Paste WEDM operation results in loss of member custom data
1867.44,9388348,Texts length become longer origin after translated to dwg.
1867.44,9393769,Fully Load - Lightweigt gives false results
1867.44,9408781,Virtual reality in NX for deformable parts and part family
1867.44,9420452,Drawing and layout belong to different parts or do not belong to the root part
1867.44,9427248,Feature MA_adv_assemblies nгo й devolvida pelo NX
1867.44,9428539,FBM - MRL - Initial Caching of Tools takes too long.
1867.44,9440856,Nx11 file cant be opened in Nx12 Incorrect object for this operation
1867.44,9455524,NXOpen::STLCreator creates a corrupt STL if the part has a Delete Body feature
1867.44,9466471,Components do not highlight in Component Navigator after changing applications.
1867.44,9475101,NC: NXMGR: On save NX is creating second ugpart named reference
1867.44,9486429,Closing assembly causes unsuitable OM class for this situation-error
1867.44,9486448,NX crashes when change a dimension on Block feature
1867.44,9490963,NXOpen::STLCreator creates a corrupt STL if the part has a Delete Body feature
1867.44,9500372,Basic Curves Trimming - change of line orientation
1867.44,9500581,Error when Split die plates with User defined (sketch). Progressive Die Wizard
1867.44,9503721,Tool Incorrectly Positioned in Verify - request Tue Doan
1867.44,9505397,Enter Manufacturing throws internal error after deleting Program Group by NXOpen
1867.44,9507671,ISV Model slows NXOpen scritpt dramatically in NX12
1867.44,9518344,NXMGR: Parts Without NX Dataset customer default
1867.44,9521292,Assembly Level PMI looks retained in TC embedded viewer.
1867.44,9524646,Cannot edit routing pipe bend table while NX open.
1867.44,9531700,NXOpen::STLCreator creates a corrupt STL if the part has a Delete Body feature
1867.44,9535710,Incompelete bevel gear created
1867.44,9540813,IDIC needs to be generated as a part of the JT file when saved from NX.
1867.44,9541465,Checkmate gives unexpected results for Check Connection Compatibility check
1867.44,9547999,Save Warning - Parts without NX Datasets
1867.41,9212678,Mold Wizard generated symbolic thread does not appear in drafting views.
1867.41,9251076,Symbolic thread ending on divided face not shown always in drawing views
1867.41,9278992,Wrong message - Item type is invalid for Part Family operation
1867.41,9281984,Internal error with Make Unique
1867.41,9311315,Using Knowledge Enabled part in NX12.0.2MP3 in combination with Teamcenter
1867.41,9323382,Open Part Family Member fails
1867.41,9328074,Foldername changed between NX9 and NX12 because of the special Character /
1867.41,9344575,Display of threads in Drafting
1867.41,9358567,Selection Scope in Routing Qualify Part limited to Within Work Part Only
1867.41,9364527,Qualify Part does not allow selection in Entire Assembly anymore
1867.41,9369996,Memory Access Violation PMI Suspected.
1867.41,9383478,Regression: selection scope cannot be changed anymore
1867.41,9393231,Assembly file can not be opened if load option is set to Minimally Load
1867.41,9417958,Internal error memory access violation when opening NX assembly
1867.41,9454003,Unable to open Part Family spreadsheet. in NX 12.0.2 MP7
1867.41,9462163,Connected Ports are displayed when selecting a run
1867.41,9489746,RCPs get deleted at corners in logical routing.
1867,8395749,User Name is not displayed for Broken Interpart links in Relations Browser.
1867,8412035,TCIN - Unable to use Open With.. from RAC to load previous version of a dataset
1867,8413555,This object contains geometry not in the current reference set
1867,8413640,This object contains geometry not in the current reference set
1867,8415910,Dur_Spec - Unable to read UFF static non-linear data in Load Event
1867,8981762,Want to display the path with Rotary Table feature on the graphics
1867,9064202,Different Position between Tool_Tip and Tool_Mount is not honoured inside Sys-Tr
1867,9213628,Flange: Corner Relief partly removes Bend from opposite side
1867,9225154,4GD Workset Save DirectModel - JT not updating
1867,9231292,NX Not Loading Deformed JT in 4GD only
1867,9287087,After Flange creation the Flange width is no more the same (-0 002 mm)
1867,9291427,Marking Lines not displaying correct marked name.
1867,9295755,NXTOPVDIRECT Translator on Dispatcher not Translating Production Assemblies
1867,9300257,Sheet Metal - U cutout changes
1867,9300277,NX Fails to Load Workset for Certain Data Scenarios (MultiCAD for JTs with PMI)
1867,9302725,NX Does Not Support Multi-Body JTs When Loading JT Overrides in MultiCAD Env
1867,9302727,Problem with Grooving Tool graphics after upgrade to NX11
1867,9314631,Sheet Metal Flange is always too small in the model
1867,9327215,Sheet Metal Flange is always too small in the model
1867,9329203,By adding a flange a bend on the others side of the part is almost vanished
1867,9336814,Syntax error information occurs and can\226t display Harness Libraries in Japanese
1867,9343110,Nx12.0.2 Surface Area Operation Fails Under Cut Operation that was OK in NX9
1867,9345415,WAVE Linking Region is immediately marked as retained
1867,9348613,Error during multiflange depending on the selection sequence.
1867,9364407,insert multiple flange failed
1867,9365146,Incorrect engage retract for Variable-axis Surface Contouring Operation
1867,9365209,Wrong result with Multiflange feautre in NX 12.0.2
1867,9375954,Measuring width of Flanges not accurate
1867,9376624,signal 11 Check PMI GD&T Syntactic Validity Check in NX12.0.2
1867,9384160, thread depth not displayed correctly on model
1867,9384376,slow loading of parts containing expressions with excel lookup functions
1867,9385637,Null pointer opening piping assemblies
1867,9386936,Fan noise
1867,9388354,SOA Error occured when swich the session group from NX1847.
1867,9389285,Mechanism Export Error
1867,9394899,Import part with CAM objects problem results in error.
1867,9395411,Weld Edge Preps not created correctly using Plate Preparation in 4GD
1867,9395616,4GD: Weld Prep feature not created if Excess Matl defined adjacent to Weld Edge
1867,9396978,Move to Layer fails if UGII_LANG=Russian
1867,9400385,Welding XML out producing wrong dimensions.
1867,9401899,Load Option from Folder : Modeler error: non fatal run-time error
1867,9411582,Deformed parts with hole feature Getting Internal Error: Memory access violation
1867,9423366,This object contains geometry not in the current reference set
1867,9429983,Tool Assembly Display is incorrect with GMC Operation
1867,9446999,The Requested SOA object property is not loaded
1863,8386991,AM Build support display
1863,8405872,Negative NSML are exported as positive (correctly imported)
1863,8406669,NX Motion - Syntax error when opening Simulation
1863,8408579,An operation was attempted on an invalid or unsuitable OM object
1863,8411262,Takes time to launch some of the Features.
1863,8412892,Unexpected crash on SC3D PrePost
1863,8558161,Rectangular stocks reoriented when bend is assigned with some selection methods
1863,9021178,Not possible to create manual support
1863,9094071,Using create region support surface and support area not shown & redundant
1863,9138007,Query Search for DB-Alias inside Machine or Device Library does not work in Mana
1863,9151161,AM: wrongly getting message that no support is needed
1863,9170169,Update Resource Revisions only works with the same tool type
1863,9219547,Posted output in NX85 does not have G28 but NX11.0.2.7 output G28
1863,9228990,Planar milling - Boundary creation/editing issues. - use of permanent boundary
1863,9236652,Planar milling - Permanent Boundaries
1863,9262018,Problem with parasolid .x_b file import to NX
1863,9262142,Bad Performance creating drawings with large assembly open in background
1863,9263066,MOM_ask_library_attributes does not work when TC was not initialise first
1863,9283207,Thumbnail displays wrong part number when part name is changed in TC.
1863,9296825,NXMGR: An operation was attempted on an invalid or unsuitable OM object (580014)
1863,9300594,Save Work Part Only not available in DMU Application
1863,9306656,Query Search inside Machine or Device Library does not work in managed mode
1863,9308129,Unable to load specific sub assembly.
1863,9313986,MOM_ask_library_attributes does not work together with MRL
1863,9316951,Load issues in Assembly structure only
1863,9323166,copy rule from rev to rev
1863,9324071,VSTS13620 -NX12 Probe with face selection migrates to absolute maximum in 2019.1
1863,9327272,Assembly PMIs wonѕt get displayed in exported JT file
1863,9333328,Ship Section Drafting Issue with custom drawing document type
1863,9335772,Unanble to open assembly - Invalid OM object
1863,9335857,\225Add Component\226 results in incorrect Component Ref Set in Assembly-level Ref Set
1863,9335864,Regr: Unable to save specification in NX12
1863,9341853,tcin_import using clone log wtih Default_DB_Owner is changing item ownership
1863,9346283,Assembly constraints not updating after interpart expression change
1863,9351237,error saving a further part in NX12: Structured Storage Error: Unexpected error
1863,9354759,Severe assembly structure problems while updating structure and loading
1863,9359522,Line width of extracted splines in drawing view does not update to align w model
1863,9359615,Problem with localization of SC3D for Russian language
1863,9359940,Annotations are scattered if node ID in layout state file (lsx) is missing
1863,9360874,Part Cleanup partly deletes custom symbol
1863,9362681,NX freezes when opening Component
1863,9366936,Poor Performance when using Role from earlier version
1863,9368093,Cannot save NX10 part in NX12
1863,9368203,NX mantains external references without apparent reason
1863,9370129,Moldwizard - How to transfer an Empty value to a part attribute?
1863,9370357,Mapped Hole mesh control is inconsistent in 2D quad 2D tria 3D hex
1863,9378276,PMI Labels and Weld Symbols in NX PMI Views are Missing from Vis
1863,9381955,Drop down menu and Ribbon tabs blink sometimes while working on NX
1863,9383274,SOL402 Error 8037
1863,9385150,Wrong IPW display in Tool Path Verify 3D-Dynamic and Tool Display Assembly
1863,9385637,Null pointer opening piping assemblies
1863,9386648,Rectangular stock flips when placing a flange
1863,9387136,Part Load Issue Solid Body Error
1863,9387139,Electrical routing path did not highlight when violated bend radius.
1863,9390693,Duplicate PMI Label Leader Lines in NX12 Model Views
1863,9392495,retain component suppression from Structure Manager into NX
1863,9401734,Reaction forces are not computed correctly
1863,9404029,VSTS-13620 : NX 12 Probe with face / edge seelction migrates to absolute maximum
1863,9407844,VSTS - 14807 Model created in NX12 has invalid struct Model Check msg in NX13
1863,9409923,File Save As faiiled due to Structured Storage Error
1863,9416725, Cant set curve tolerance in drafting in NX1855
1863,9420689,Using custom role causes annoying UI delay on switching application to modeling
1863,9425400,Sort Option is missing in Drafting Formboard Annotation
1859,8384513,Positioning in Assembly
1859,8397109,Suppress/Unsupress action is causing Update of Interpart Link
1859,8404780,Wrap Curve freezes NX session after adding hole to sheet metal parts
1859,8405923,Specialist Durability Solver doesnt run with Tokens
1859,8408779,Misleading deprecated notes in NX12 Routing APV XML and README files
1859,8556473,Regenerate the NX8.5 toolpath in NX12 and the cut levels changes to incorrect.
1859,8557103,Use Environment Variable UGII_PRESOLVER option of Fan noise simulation in SC3D,
1859,9048499,component moves twice the intended distance
1859,9169546,Part attributes dropped from part created with different item type.
1859,9189662,Loading Drawing File from a Booklet takes a long time
1859,9195242,Flat pattern bend radii callout does not maintain units
1859,9199949,ANT Column are preforming a wherePartitioned call taking time when expanding
1859,9201359,\225TextureSpace Type\226 is reset to \227Box\231 wrongly for custom system material.
1859,9224893,Radial Popups under Windows10 not working reliably
1859,9230608,Mandatory attribute not working for PTS Template while saving.
1859,9250193,NC: Internal error when Tilt Tool Axis option is applied into an operation.
1859,9276314,Modified after opening
1859,9292990,Error message is not displayed/ouput if wrong value is entered in \225Data Validati,
1859,9295980,Load part from Reuse library raises Create dialog failed
1859,9296684,wrong angle with circular slot feature
1859,9304144,URG : Spreadsheet input restriction is disabled.
1859,9305356,Move Component gives error Incorrect object for this operation
1859,9310692,Component in Sub-assy moves twice the distance as intended.
1859,9312513,Dimension loses associativity to hole on Section View after changes to model
1859,9317097,Save As Issue for Boolean Property in NX
1859,9322795,Radial Popup menu does not work after applying Windows update program KB4467686,
1859,9325427,Message The part contains a reference to a native part when trying to save
1859,9325518,NX Iray Save Rendering Material not storing global textureconfiguration
1859,9325536,dragging MEAS points returns internal memory errors
1859,9326011,[URG] The behavior of the radial menu is wrong with Windows 10 1809.
1859,9326906,Overshooting Radial shortcuts in NX12 is inconsistent
1859,9328938,RCPs defined in deformable parts stays at space
1859,9331348,Wrong detection of a feature
1859,9331517,Transparency in PNG image should apply to background only
1859,9332770,Unable to open assembly due to memory access violation.
1859,9332878,Deformable part with Route control point gets modfied when deformed
1859,9339194,Stock Report output changes depending on sort order of connection navigator
1859,9339656,Stock as Component in Tc Environment creates Stock ItemID with MFK string
1859,9340005,Radial Shortcut doesnt work properly in Windows 10.
1859,9342667,Reload routing part library ignores active specification
1859,9342957,Ghost Boxes in the image created by File Export Image
1859,9347814,Export Image: Transparent Body + Transparent Background vs White Background
1859,9352208,Error in external Library error when creating Adaptive Milling operation
1859,9357497,add reusable component save error
1859,9358809,Not setting FeedbackPoint in an MCD Joint causes MCD to crash on accessing it
1859,9361856,MCD crash/exit when using a Fixed Joint to attach a Rigid Body to a Proxy Object
1859,9362334,Image export error with dimension and transparent background
1859,9363516,Polygonized arc size exceeded 1Gb memory when running Verify
1859,9365655,Error opening 4GD workset with obsolete DEs
1859,9367339,Assembly part file cannot be loaded with components due to IE
1859,9368282,Problem loading CAM assembly parts in NX 12.0.2
1859,9374379,Rendering tool System Scenes doesnt work in Simcenter.
1859,9379338,Floor stock is not applied to the intermediate floor faces.
1859,9411937,Opening CAM-Setup needs extremly long time
1855,1986655,Component is spuriously flipped during formboard update
1855,8386410,Expressions Dialog: ENTER and TAB functionality
1855,8388993,Complement Arc flips to wrong side when applying Arc/Circle UI
1855,8391875,Save Abort
1855,8397109,Suppress/Unsupress action is causing Update of Interpart Link
1855,8403772,Object contains geometry not in the current reference set
1855,8404474,Placement of a cut elbow in Routing adds item as Part Family Member
1855,8522338,Cavity mill gouge the model
1855,8535144,gouge motion in cavity mill
1855,8556124,About PLOT element ID error of Nastran model based on UNV file
1855,8961308,DPM feed rate is not correct from the post
1855,8971812,NX11 regression - Library is missing required entry point
1855,9009913,G74 (Pecking cycle) Cycle Z value is not output correctly
1855,9204842,Tool Vector become different after adding new toolpath lines through API
1855,9220909,WEIGHT value is being transformed during PLMXML route list import
1855,9266653,An Error Occurred during Computation of Part off Cut
1855,9280573,NC: Internal error while check sheets of profile sketch
1855,9285688,sim09 (heidenhain) runs with limitations and collisions
1855,9288403,Incorrect Posted out put in the middle of operation
1855,9290549,unable to edit operations where the Cut Area selection uses removed faces
1855,9292465,Failure to follow feed rate values from short segments
1855,9302264,Toolpath Insert API create different Tool Vector
1855,9303699,Arc command does not function unless used with non-associativity
1855,9311026,Realize Shape Cage Control Entities Remain Stranded on Original Layer
1855,9312496,Individual Routing Segments not selectable in NX 12 in Modeling Mode
1855,9319909,Getting no such variable error when opening a post in Post Builder 12.0.1
1855,9325199,NX 12 Issue - Reference set error on generating operation
1855,9325481,Elbow boots flip 180 degrees on formboard update
1855,9325629,NX CAM Tool with holder insertion longer than tool length no longer possible
1855,9326336,Open in Window cause display flickering problems
1855,9326362,Toolpath Time computed 0sec with negative length
1855,9328709,NX Materials Management/Assign not updated after setting customer defaults
1855,9333875,Placement of a cut elbow in Routing adds item as Part Family Member
1855,9336876,Formboard Rotate Component not working for elbow boots
1855,9339244,No cut regions are found in NX12
1855,9343308,EAP: LOP_B3.85: Kollisionsfarbe ohne Kollisionsьberwachung
1855,9349727,User Exit USER_SCOMP2 (ufscpi) doesnt preset component in NX1847
1855,9353997,Port update renames ports and removes pins on an electrical connector.
1855,9356314,Machine Simulation - material removal with dual tracking point Groove tool
1855,9359955,Operation can not be generated … the reference is not found
1851,7568837,MRL:unable to create or update ICOs for part family members with Graphicsbuilder
1851,8382872,NX session freezes when opening partfile
1851,8382981,File Open takes more than 10 minutes
1851,8390954,Threaded Hole - Inch BSP: Inch value changes to MM. value
1851,8395265,Fixed Unfolded Length Type for Resize Bend Radius changes geometry of the part
1851,8397165,Drawn Cutout wrong result using side angle and Material Outside
1851,8400639,2 NX sessions/users can save same NX part. They overwrite each others data.
1851,8404532,Flange not working no OK available
1851,8555240,The applying of the Magnitude/Phase data on SC3D Table Field
1851,8825055,NX CMM and Mfg Planning
1851,8925750,Electrical routing component not selectable when adding to component navigator
1851,9008238,TC 11.2.3 patch 1: Classification Admin and part measurements
1851,9129448,In classification we cant get the Imperial and Metric class to accept both
1851,9213556,Divide ToolPath Corrupt the Part. Part cant be saved
1851,9231200,Threaded Hole fixed depth mixed unit is incorrect depth.
1851,9233936,Post Builder PPs produce incorrect output when read ahead is active
1851,9244932,Advance Flange does not give the right unfold bend length
1851,9254441,Event MOM_cutcom_off missed with Turbo Mode
1851,9258391,NPT Threaded hole threads not shown properly.
1851,9262077,point to point operations are not assigned correct cycle type in NX12
1851,9264866,Newly created thread definition disappears when NPT thread hole is reordered
1851,9274836,DE attribute values on manufacturing parts not retained
1851,9282553,Missing or Wrong Mom Variable mom_arc_start_angle in NX12
1851,9283729,Post Configurator gives Wrong MOM Variable mom_cycle_type
1851,9285609,Wrong value with Solid Property Check
1851,9295477,Closed Corner: the SM part is cut off at one side
1851,9297844,Heal Path Spline missing 2 Assembly Contraint ( Slope Constraint )
1851,9298549,Missing Assembly Constraint on Heal Path
1851,9298814,Editing feature affects component display state of other window
1851,9300257,Sheet Metal - U cutout changes
1851,9300686,Save failed after divide tool path
1851,9300826,The update mark of the drawing does not disappear.
1851,9301737,Flat Pattern fails after Move Face
1851,9302440,Show Hide of assembly geometry no longer possible when component is work part
1851,9303598,Flat Pattern fails when Circular Cutout is created
1851,9303795,Units - Inch Part - Metric Thread - thread depth is interpreted wrong
1851,9304885,Single Port Pipe Welds Dont Reach the Joint Set Type Callback
1851,9305356,Move Component gives error Incorrect object for this operation
1851,9305596,Line Designer license gets checked out automatically when starting NX
1851,9305708,VSTS12775 - Probe Structured Field create - incorrect values for Radial(axis)
1851,9307285,A Flange can be changed and cant be changed
1851,9308531,Flat Pattern fails
1851,9310151,Material is getting removed after running a feature playback.
1851,9311018,Units - Inch Part - Metric Thread - thread depth is interpreted
1851,9312821,Failed to send large assy data to NXVR
1851,9315191,Assy with replica part causes nxtocgmdirect to leave UGPART checked-out in TC
1851,9319533,slash character not honored in .plmxml import
1851,9325690,Differences in hiding bodies when using Make Work Part in Assemblies
1851,9328167,while making a make unique NX returns an Internal error: memory access violation
1851,9328414,Line Designer license gets automatically checked out after NX is launched
1851,9330083,ld_line_designer license is pulled without reason
1851,9331111,Line Designer license gets automatically checked out after NX is launched
1851,9336205,Overriding Nominal number in Tolerance Operation does not work anymore.
1851,8406889,Catia V4 External Translator doesn't start,SYSENG,INSTALL_ISSUES,ALL
1851,8406892,STEP AP203 External Translator doesn't start,SYSENG,INSTALL_ISSUES,ALL
1851,8406893,STEP AP214 External Translator doesn't start,SYSENG,INSTALL_ISSUES,ALL
1851,9365346,Catia V5 External Translator doesn't start,SYSENG,INSTALL_ISSUES,ALL

Siemens PLM Software started to supply delivering its NX software product using a Continuous Release methodology in January 2019. This new delivery model will give our customers faster access to new enhancements and quality improvements, while reducing the efforts needed to effectively deploy NX. Siemens become the first major CAD/CAM/CAE vendor to deliver products in this way.

NX is built on a modern software architecture, developed with a business focus on delivering new functionality while protecting customer data. The new approach will enable Siemens’ NX customers to:
- Receive functional enhancements faster to help boost productivity
- Have a predictable schedule for updates to better plan for the adoption of new technologies
- Be responsive to new ideas and trends
- Reduce deployment cost
- Faster, more consistent response from NX development vs. release dependent hotfixes
- Continued focus on release quality and deployment

What you can be sure of is that we here on the NX team remain committed to you. We do so in delivering quality releases with the worlds most advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software. We do so by building solutions on the most modern architecture protecting your investment. We also do so with our historically proven commitment to data compatibility.

NX is no longer identified by a release number and will only be referred to as NX. There will be no NX13, so catch up on all the details in this handy video explaining NX Continuous Release.

Siemens PLM customers in the Continuous Release main channel will see functional improvements every six months with monthly updates to fix issues. This approach will deliver innovation faster. The updates themselves are smaller. You no longer have a large jump between major releases, or worse, doubling or tripling up on the upgrade by skipping one or two major versions to get your company “current."

Siemens PLM Software. a business unit of the Siemens Digital Factory Division, is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) and manufacturing operations management (MOM) software, systems and services with over 15 million licensed seats and more than 140,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Siemens PLM Software works collaboratively with its customers to provide industry software solutions that help companies everywhere achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by making real the innovations that matter.

Product: Siemens NX
Version: 1867 Build 4400 *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC **
Supported Operating Systems: **
Size: 12.9 Gb


NX-1867.4400 is the last update for NX-1847 Series. The next version is NX-1872 Series. Files saved in NX-1872 Series can not be opened in NX-1847 Series (NX1847-1867.4400)

Minimum Operating Systems
- Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Pro and Enterprise editions

Windows 10
Windows 10 is the minimum supported release for NX 1867. The supported versions of Windows 10 are the Professional and Enterprise editions utilizing either the Current Branch for Business (CBB) or Long Term Service Branch (LTSB) update branch. The Current Branch (CB) update option is not supported. Windows 10 is also available for NX 10.0.3 and later versions including NX 1867. Any caveats or special instructions are provided in the SFB announcing support.
Windows 7 and 8.1
Windows 7 has reached the end of life and mainstream support has ended. Windows 8.1 is still supported by Microsoft, but was rarely deployed. These two versions of Windows are no longer supported by NX 1867. Siemens PLM Software has not performed testing on these versions and cannot resolve any issues related to NX 1867 running on these operating systems.
Windows XP and Vista
Windows XP support from Microsoft has ended and Vista was rarely deployed so these two versions of Windows are not supported by NX 1867. Siemens PLM Software has not performed testing on these versions and cannot resolve any issues related to NX 1867 running on these operating systems.

Recommended System Configuration:
- 64-bit Windows 10 operating system
- 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB or 16 GB RAM recommended
- True Color (32-bit) or 16 million colors (24-bit)
- Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher, widescreen format

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Siemens NX 1867.4400