Siemens NX 1903 (NX 1899 Series)

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Siemens NX 1903 (NX 1899 Series)

Siemens NX 1903 (NX 1899 Series) | 14.2 Gb
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The Siemens PLM Software team is pleased to announce the availability of NX 1903 (NX 1899 Series). The latest release of NX brings significant new and enhanced functionality in all areas of the product to help you work more productively in a collaborative managed environment.


- Teamcenter Integration: Support for Mentor Graphics Capital Integration.
- Architecture: NX Virtual Reality enhancements.
- CMM: Multiple Curve Segments for Curve Scan.
- Line Designer: Native Mode Support.
- CAE: Pre/Post for Ansys.

Please see below for a list of enhancements included in this release.

ER8562281 - Enhancement Request for SC3D Motion TWR

Teamcenter Integration: Support for Mentor Graphics Capital Integration

Enhancement Scope
Mentor Graphics Capital software can communicate to NX using connected mode. This requires the two software to be running simultaneously on same machine or two different machines. Earlier, the connected mode setup was a part of Capital build and the user had to manually set the environment in order to get that working. With this enhancement, we will ship the connected mode package as a part of NX kits thereby not requiring any need for manual setup
Setup Improvements
As mentioned above, earlier connectedmode was established by setting the following environment variables:
- PATH=%PATH%, <Path_To>/jetinitheap.dll
With this enhancement, these values will be set at the time of NX install and the user will no longer need to set these values manually.
Newly Added Buttons
As part of enhancement, we have added two new buttons under Route List application
1. Connect: On click of this button, an RMI connection is established which enables the exchange of route listand diagram data between NX and Capital.
2. Harness 2D View: On click of this button, the diagram selected in Capital is displayed for cross-probing of routing objects.
Above buttons will always be visible in NX regardless of whether Customer has Capital software installed or not. They will work only when the Capital software is running.

This file (NX_1899_Series_Monthly_Update.pdf) lists all the new and updated features that are available in NX 1903 release.

1903,8399213,Defined Background Color in Simulation-Templates are not considered
1903,8413746,Graphical report - Shell element - Sol402
1903,8417873,SC DurSpec - Notch Stress Seam Weld Calculation on Abaqus data
1903,8425593,Weld Point without Connected Parts
1903,8427217,Groove weld makes linked face disappear in the Part Navigator
1903,8428777,Missing the reference set setting of pre NX1899 versions for mass calculation
1903,8430598,Element quality check fails with error message
1903,8434634,Error code 3010013 fails in ENV_expand_name comes during Generation of a Z-Leve
1903,8435110,new solution process durability new event transient = internal error.
1903,8435402,CAM operation generate - Environment variable error
1903,8436607,wrong conversion of small mass inertia values
1903,8562281,Enhancement Request for SC3D Motion TWR
1903,8564459,Three Problems in Face Color Management
1903,8565567,Customer Default of Background color
1903,8566034,2 error when migrate VL to SC
1903,8947332,Hide functionality of Custom Feature is not working
1903,9050527,Issue with colors in Step214 export
1903,9164907,When using the remeasure option in Inspector the RMEAS statement is ignored
1903,9170699,Work instruction error after editing the templates in non-English Excel
1903,9279460,Tool Tip Junction has not the correct Position when NX-Tooltype is 02 16
1903,9324170,SOL401 Contact Output
1903,9413878,Synchronize Assembly Arrangement flag:change FindNo in SM gives wrong position
1903,9508184,The same message is displayed when running Collision Avoidance multiple times.
1903,9516230,No dmis file is created when running a CMM Inspection simulation using NX Open
1903,9521206,MRL: ToolTipJunction set by Autoassembly is not correct
1903,9522522,MRL: Tool Tip position from Auto-Assembly is wrong
1903,9528268,NX datasets are checked out of Teamcenter if Measure command in NX is used
1903,9543014,SelectObject block disregards selection filter and populates with UDO feature
1903,9548082,Animation designer not available in 1876
1903,9551743,internal error: memory access violation while placing the pipe from reuse librar
1903,9566638,The Inset option of Flange command is invalid.
1903,9571867,Construction Layer number is changed unexpectedly when creating groove
1903,9578875,[SC Flow] Partitioner terminated abnormally
1903,9579293,Error generating operation - CAM FILE encountered invalid environment variable
1903,9581173,Delete Groove weld delete other welds
1903,9583791,Post Builder macro strings are split by n character
1903,9583936,Impossible delete weld without loosing other welds
1903,9592613,Cycle832 _camtolerance line breaks at n character
1903,9592663,Drezahl wird auf 0 gesetzt
1903,9593959,Internal error after closing native MRL connect NX session
1903,9594236,Item based Weld Points relocate when running connected face finder
1903,9595080,KF calling C# while loading assembly fails with part null tag on linked curve
1903,9595998,Parts are modified when added to assembly as reusable components
1903,9597017,Wrap curves are interupted and shifted sideways in flat pattern bend zones.
1903,9597058,Noda Force report gives wrong results
1903,9598219,Deleting groove weld in linked body deletes the linked body
1903,9601517,Assembly Sequence - Move handles regression
1903,9605556,Diagnostics Information not stored when Generated Lathe Operation
1903,9608252, error occured when sending files to Teamcenter.
1903,9611786,ER:Adding a tool angle note to a Work Instruction text input in degrees
1903,9612541,When starting NX from AW selected NX Environment is not used
1903,9616079,CAM delete operation causes error
1903,9616099,Wrong contact status results (SOL401)
1903,9616785,NX CAM: CAM FILE encountered invalid environment variable
1903,9617528,Base View is not a valid command in NX1888
1903,9618325,Exact representation of views showing extracted lines
1903,9618423,Performance of Profile Sketches
1903,9622649,Section drawing to support sloped plates
1903,9623608,Save all parts throws Internal Error after Mold Wizard Swap Model
1903,9623858,OPC UA communication issue with NX-MCD 1888
1903,9625236,ghost arcs generated
1903,9626003,Profiles Sketches with same position numbers on same sheet
1903,9627438,PDW Simulation is not running as expected starts but does not complete
1903,9628228,Error message when generating operation in managed mode
1903,9628847,Assembly Sequence Move Handles disregards current component orientation
1903,9629037,Internal Error when activating Sheet Metal Preferences Flat Pattern Display
1903,9629186,Performance regression loading routing library between NX 8.5 & NX11 & forward.
1903,9630920,Format -Change Export UNV from AFU
1903,9631385,Using a TS input as input to an TSDA produces the wrong result
1903,9631403,NX TCIN CAM Regenerate causes CAM_FILE encountered invalid environment variable
1903,9632673,Routing PTB tables will not allow quote symbols except to dileniate fields.
1903,9633716,NX Weld Asst - Wrong message display when run Impact Analysis on Fillet Weld
1903,9634516,Weld: Show Solid Weld Point fails when using Create Features from Easy Spot menu
1903,9634612,Weld: Easy Spot fails with Unknown Error message
1903,9634890,Relation not translated for modal damping in some cases
1903,9634980,UF_SF_ask_geom_data is returning Number of geometry items as 0.
1903,9635890,NX CAE Browse opens up Tc directory instead of local directory
1903,9636864,NX material reads MatML with J/kg.k to different units
1903,9637335,RBE2 element stress is used in combination calculation.
1903,9639821,Shape Studio: Alt Key does not disable snap points
1903,9641453,Contact status value 3 in SOL401 inconsistent with documentation
1903,9647577,Not able to generate CAM operation path in Teamcenter
1903,9648002,A deleted or invalid class id was used error in sheetmetal part
1903,9651597,A deleted or invalid class id was used error on opening assembly
1903,9655503,NX12 role in NX1888 causes some missing Drafting functions

Siemens NX software is a flexible and powerful integrated solution that helps you deliver better products faster and more efficiently. NX delivers the next generation of design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions that enable companies to realize the value of the digital twin.

Supporting every aspect of product development, from concept design through engineering and manufacturing, NX gives you an integrated toolset that coordinates disciplines, preserves data integrity and design intent, and streamlines the entire process.

Siemens become the first major CAD/CAM/CAE vendor to deliver its software using Continuous Release methodology in January 2019. The new Continuous Release process significantly reduce the time between the proposal of a new enhancement, and its deployment to the end users. Customers will now have the opportunity to deploy the latest NX productivity enhancements more quickly in their production environment which helps them become more productive when using NX. In addition the Continuous Release will also reduce deployment costs for incremental updates.

Adopting a continuous release strategy also allows both Siemens NX and our customers to be more responsive to new ideas and trends in technology, once again allowing our customers to stay ahead of their competition.

NX 1899 - Design Enhanced Patterning

Siemens PLM Software a business unit of the Siemens Digital Factory Division, is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) and manufacturing operations management (MOM) software, systems and services with over 15 million licensed seats and more than 140,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Siemens PLM Software works collaboratively with its customers to provide industry software solutions that help companies everywhere achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by making real the innovations that matter.

Product: Siemens NX
Version: 1903 (NX 1899 Series) *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.plm.automation.siemens.com
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC **
Supported Operating Systems: **
Size: 14.2 Gb

Siemens.NX.1903.Win64.Update.Only.iso (NX 1899 pre-install)

Minimum Operating Systems
- Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Pro and Enterprise editions

Windows 10
Windows 10 is the minimum supported release for NX 1899. The supported versions of Windows 10 are the Pro and Enterprise editions utilizing Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) updates.
Windows 7 and 8.1
Windows 7 has reached the end of life and mainstream support has ended. Windows 8.1 is still supported by Microsoft, but was rarely deployed. These two versions of Windows are no longer supported by NX 1899. Siemens PLM Software has not performed testing on these versions and cannot resolve any issues related to NX 1899 running on these operating systems.
Windows XP and Vista
Windows XP support from Microsoft has ended and Vista was rarely deployed so these two versions of Windows are not supported by NX 1899. Siemens PLM Software has not performed testing on these versions and cannot resolve any issues related to NX 1899 running on these operating systems.

Recommended System Configuration:
- 64-bit Windows 10 operating system
- 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB or 16 GB RAM recommended
- True Color (32-bit) or 16 million colors (24-bit)
- Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher, widescreen format

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Siemens NX 1903 (NX 1899 Series)